Pissing off the government in the name of speed

As long as people have been hot rodding, cops have been trying to squash the fun. When you were 16 it was probably a local cop writing you a ticket for doing a burnout. For Art Arfons it was the United States Military wanting to know how he got his hands on a top-secret jet engine. Damn G-Men. » 8/06/13 1:57pm 8/06/13 1:57pm

Tonya Harding holds a land speed record

Tonya Harding was the first American woman to nail the triple axel in a figure skating competition, but did you know she's also the first person to establish a land speed record in the Vintage Gas Coup Class? You know Tonya Harding the figure skater-turned-women's boxer. Now meet Tonya Harding the successful vintage… » 8/25/11 3:00pm 8/25/11 3:00pm