Watch A B-1B Refuel And Thank The Tanker With A Gorgeous Burner Break

Swing-wings, a sleek and flowing fuselage, and four big GE-F101 turbofans pointing out the back: the B-1B’s silhouette is ominous to say the least. That silhouette is exactly what a tanker crew saw after refueling the “Bone” from their KC-135R Stratotanker, as seen in the video below.… » 8/01/15 3:01pm Saturday 3:01pm

Watch One Of Our Foxtrot Alpha Readers Refuel His B-1B Behind A KC-135R

Foxtrot Alpha reader 'B-1 Pilot' sent over this awesome video showing what it is like refueling a B-1B 'Bone' via a KC-135R over Afghanistan. You can see that the first connect resulted in sheet of fuel-spray covering the windscreen, the second worked better. » 1/17/15 1:01pm 1/17/15 1:01pm