Transformers Movie Update: MTV Shows Over A Minute Of New Hot Robot Action!

We just got a chance to check out the new shots of the live-action Transformers movie coming out next month that were shown on MTV last night. Until you've got a chance to check them out above we'll try not ruin it for you — let's just say the footage is — right, robogasmic. Yeah, so what if it's kind of like… »6/04/07 12:00pm6/04/07 12:00pm


Michigan Company Snags Contract To Help Build Transformer's Little Brother

One of the cooler looking alt-vehicle modes for a Decepticon in the new Transformers movie is a baddie by the name of Bonecrusher. Boney's vehicular disguise is a Buffalo H mine-protection vehicle, designed by the folks over at Force Protection, Inc. to sift through the dirt and rubble to find little explosive… »1/23/07 1:53pm1/23/07 1:53pm