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PCH, 3-Way Superpower Showdown: Renault R17 Gordini, Alfa Romeo Giulia,…

In the God Save The Queen Edition challenge on Friday, the Lotus Elan used the head-shaped hole in its windshield to secure the win over the super-rare Jensen GT. A UK-versus-UK matchup is a fine thing, but we mustn't forget the other two Project Car Hell Superpowers: Italy and France! In our last PCH Superpower… » 6/30/08 5:20pm 6/30/08 5:20pm

Quantum Of Solace Trailer Hits Web, Shows Off Hot Aston Martin Action

What's that? Sony Pictures released the first trailer of the upcoming James Bond flick "Quantum of Solace" today? Oh, they did it online for two hours only? Well, how about that buzz building. Also, it's a good thing we managed to snag it for you. With this 22nd entry into the world of Bond, we see James going out for… » 6/30/08 11:30am 6/30/08 11:30am

Meet the New Bond Car: The Aston Martin DBS

According to the lads at Motor Torque, the newest entry to the Bond stable will be the Aston Martin DBS &mdash the last car added to the Bond stable. Aston Martin is understandably delighted to continue its association with the film series (especially since Casino Royale wasn't a melange of bad writing, unnecessary… » 12/11/07 10:30am 12/11/07 10:30am