Watch how supersonic Russian bombers drop their giant cruise missiles

The Russian Air Force’s Tupolev TU-160 is a gorgeous-looking plane with sweeping wings and the capability to reach supersonic speeds. It’s also a scary powerful bomber aircraft with the ability to launch the frightening KH-555 cruise missile, an air-launched missile that can be equipped with a nuclear warhead and has… »11/04/15 3:55pm11/04/15 3:55pm

Northrop Grumman Wins The Contract To Produce America's Next Stealth Bomber

After a maze of programs and initiatives that lasted a decade-and-a-half, the U.S. Air Force has chosen its next bomber. The battle for the contract between a consortium of Lockheed Martin-Boeing and Northrop has been hard fought and comes with huge implication, and Northrop Grumman has been selected as the winner. »10/27/15 5:31pm10/27/15 5:31pm

The Last Flying Vulcan Bomber Put On This Breathtaking Over-Water Display 

After pulling off an amazing display at Royal International Air Tattoo last month, the last flying Avro Vulcan bomber, known by its serial number XH558, continues to be pushed to her absolute max for her final flying hours before retirement. This was fully apparent at this weekend’s Eastbourne Air Show near the the… »8/16/15 9:00am8/16/15 9:00am

This Is What U.S.-Russian Relations Could Have Been

This amazing photo shows fighting machines that were built as enemies, the B-52 Stratofortress and the Tu-95 Bear, along with the later Cold War era KC-10 Extender and An-124 Condor, all sitting together peacefully on the same ramp. Clearly it was shot at a time when both sides were trying to make the best of the… »8/02/15 9:25am8/02/15 9:25am

B-52 Makes Challenging Landing To Visit Oshkosh On Historic Anniversary

One of America’s biggest (both figuratively and literally) flying icons has never made it to America’s biggest air show, EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh Wisconsin, until this year. The reason why? The B-52’s wing-mounted outrigger wheels are set apart almost as wide as the width of Oshkosh’s main runway, making landing… »7/21/15 10:08am7/21/15 10:08am

The Last Avro Vulcan Bomber Flying Just Pulled Off An Amazing Stunt 

The end of the end is near for the famed Avro Vulcan Bomber “XH558.” The aircraft has been flying in private hands and with private funding since 2007, an amazing feat to say the least. Now, after flying more hours than any other Vulcan, this will be her last air show season. »7/19/15 1:45pm7/19/15 1:45pm

This B-2 Stealth Bomber Looks Like It Could Lead An Alien Invasion

Master aviation photographer Rich Cooper shot this dramatic image of the world’s most deadly aircraft, the Northrop B-2A Spirit, as it arrived at RAF Fairford on June 8th. The scene as snapped through Rich’s lens looks just as much like an arrival of an alien race as it does the end of a bomber training sortie. »6/10/15 7:34pm6/10/15 7:34pm

B-2 Stealth Bombers Appear In Europe As Tensions Rise With Russia

A pair of B-2 Spirit stealth bombers, callsign DEATH 11 and 12, have joined a trio of B-52s at Royal Air Force Base Fairford, a long-time forward staging base for USAF strategic assets in the UK. The presence of US nuclear bombers, the B-2 in particular, along with the massive allied training war game known as BALTOPS… »6/08/15 8:04pm6/08/15 8:04pm

These B-17 Low-Level Passes Will Bring A Nostalgic Tear To Your Eye

These low-level passes featuring one of the most ‘romantic’ aircraft ever built, the World War II era Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, are just stunning. Supposedly, they were filmed at RAF Bovingdon for the 1962 film The War Lover starring Steve McQueen, Robert Wagner, and Shirley Field. »6/07/15 4:57pm6/07/15 4:57pm

China Warns Navy Jet Over S. China Sea While Bombers Fly By Okinawa

A U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft flying near China’s man-made islands in the South China Sea was warned to turn away by Chinese Navy, which was all captured on video.. Meanwhile, 1,500 miles to the northwest, Chinese H-6K bombers flew through the Miyako Strait, just south of the Japanese island of… »5/22/15 5:00pm5/22/15 5:00pm

U.S. Confronts China Over S. China Sea But No Bombers Based In Australia

There was a an internet frenzy on Thursday when some outlets reported that B-1 bombers would be forward deployed to Australia to counterbalance China’s ‘destabilizing’ effect on the region. This sounded inaccurate, and it was, but the US confronting China over its plans in the South China Sea isn’t. »5/15/15 4:12pm5/15/15 4:12pm

This Is The Best Military Aviation Shot You Have Seen For A Long Time

One of Europe’s top aviation photographers, Frank Crebas, was along for the ride in a F-16BM as Dutch F-16s intercepted a pair of B-52H Stratofortresses during Exercise Polar Growl. The result was this amazing image of an F-16 over a B-52 with its shadow perfectly aligned on the big bomber’s spine. »4/08/15 9:52am4/08/15 9:52am

The US Just Held Long-Range Bomber Drills Over An Area Russia Wants

Two pairs of B-52H Stratofortress bombers, from Barksdale AFB and from Minot AFB, streaked north last week on a long-range exercise dubbed “Polar Growl.” One set of bombers would end up over the far reaches of the North Sea, while the other would cruise high above the Polar Icecap, both areas where Putin's Russia is… »4/07/15 4:42pm4/07/15 4:42pm

Heavy Iron Heading To Crimea As Tu-22M3 Backfires Ready For Snap Drills

Once again, Russia has upped the air combat capability ante on the Crimean Peninsula with Tu-22M3 Backfires reportedly deploying there as part of widespread 'snap' readiness drills among Russian forces. This marks the first time a Russian strategic asset like the Tu-22 has operated from Crimea since the territory was… »3/18/15 9:19am3/18/15 9:19am

Watch This B-2's Refueling Receptacle Disappear Before Your Very Eyes!

Our good friend David Cenciotti posted a very cool USAF video showing a B-2 Spirit being refueled high over Montana. Watching the flying wing's control surfaces working to keep it stabilized below the KC-135 is always amazing, but the real payoff comes at the end when we see the jet's revolving refueling receptacle… »3/11/15 11:41pm3/11/15 11:41pm

XB-43 Jetmaster: The Weird History Of America's First Jet Bomber

To understand America's first jet bomber, the XB-43 Jetmaster, you have to understand the XB-42 Mixmaster, an aircraft that was equally as impressive and even more exotic. Even though neither of these amazing aircraft made it to the front lines, many of their unique innovations and lessons learned from operating them… »3/04/15 5:08pm3/04/15 5:08pm

Is This The Shape Of Russia's Next Generation Long-Range Bomber?

While America's aerospace industry is hard at work creating the USAF's next generation bomber, Russia has a similar ongoing program known as the the PAK-DA. Now, after years of requirements changes, it appears that a blended wing, subsonic design, much like the one pictured above, will be the new jet's overall… »3/02/15 3:32pm3/02/15 3:32pm