Forget How You Use It - For Ford, It Actually Is The Size Of Your Bolt That Matters

We can't believe we missed this gem of an ad from FoMoCo featuring Mike Rowe. It's a continuation of the "Dirty Job" he's been doing for Ford shilling for the F-150 pickup truck. The man's already talked about five-star crash rating, the leaf springs and the boxed frame. But this ad's the first time Rowe's gotten down… »7/12/07 8:15am7/12/07 8:15am

Buy A Ford To "Escape" Boredom And Prevent A Cat From Clawing Your Crotch

We don't think there's any more we've got to say about this other than kudos to FoMoCo for learning how to have some fun with advertising in this new spot for the Ford Escape. They're asking you to "Escape Boredom" and get yourself a brand new re-styled Ford Escape. Because that, in and of itself, is a "Bold Move"… »7/05/07 3:00pm7/05/07 3:00pm

In An Interesting Turn Of Events, Bull Is Full Of Ford!

Normally, we're busying ourselves pointing out the instances where automaker marketing is just plain bull. But in some cases, as we just found out from this preview of the episode of CNBC's Business Nation airing at 9 AM on Independence Day — Ford's not only selling with a load of bull, it sounds like they're proud… »6/30/07 11:39am6/30/07 11:39am

The Detroit News Thinks Ford Is So Innovative, They're 30 Years Ahead Of Themselves

Yeah, it's amazing how boldly moving FoMoCo was back in 1956. What other auto company could bring out the 80's model of their import-fighter in the mid-1950's? Only The Detroit News thinks Ford's got that kind of innovative thinking — or at least they think they do based on the picture above, attached to the article… »2/07/07 10:19am2/07/07 10:19am

Ford's Baby Bold Move: Automaker Closing Seven Children's Day Care Centers

After yesterday's ginormous $12.7 billion annual loss announcement (and the ensuing declaration of "Big Blue Oval Day" by the press) the Freep's Sarah Webster is all over FoMoCo's recent Bold Move(TM). The embattled Dearborn-based automaker's closing down seven day care centers in three states where Ford facilities… »1/26/07 1:13pm1/26/07 1:13pm

A Bold Move To Stop Making Bold Moves: Ford To Pinch-Hit With Pepsi Challenge Ads Later Today?

We'll be over at FoMoCo later this morning to have a look at the first Ford ad spots in a long time that won't be seeking to make all sorts of spunky, feisty and daring movements. According to Mark Truby Bryce Hoffman Detroit News staff reports, the ads will diverge from the Bold Moves campaign we've seen from Ford… »1/04/07 8:52am1/04/07 8:52am

Ad Watch: Rogue Producer Boldly Creates Shelby GT Ad That Doesn't Suck

I've been told "Bold Moves" happen every day. I've been told even around FoMoCo's PR shop they've been known to ask each other what moves they've boldly gone and done that day. While we're pretty sure they say it out of jest, you never know, right? Anyway — this not-quite-for-spec ad has been running around the… »12/18/06 4:01pm12/18/06 4:01pm

Ad Watch: Ford Makes A Bold Move With the GT 500 And...We Like It

FoMoCo's dubbed this ad "Germany," and it may have the best punchline since Chrysler's "Captain Kangaroo's Penile Implant Malfunction" spot that ran during Super Bowl XI. In fact, we can't believe that J. Walter Thompson is the same ad company creating both this commercial and the terribly dreadful divorcee ad we've… »9/08/06 11:06pm9/08/06 11:06pm

How Many Drinks Was That? Jalopnik Detroit Editor Takes A Ford-Sponsored Divorce-Courtin' Commercial Break

This is what happens when you agree to go on the air sick as a dog and hungover. That's right — nevermind the "crazy eyes" of past performances — instead, you get the "close your eyes and pretend to sleep" thing Wert's got going on. So despite actually saying something this time (Wert's been coached very well by… »8/30/06 10:45am8/30/06 10:45am

FoMoCo Ol' Busted: Bold Moves; FoMoCo New Hotness: Driving American Innovation?

WTF? Has FoMoCo changed the name of the game yet again? In this case the name is "Bold Moves" and the game is "cohesive marketing strategy." Ford's just launched a new Bill Ford-heavy site titled "Driving American Innovation," full of new-age-cheese-muzak and a pictorial of FoMoCo's newest n' boldest innovations.… »8/17/06 6:43pm8/17/06 6:43pm

All Your Blogs Are Belong To Ford: FoMoCo Makes A Bold Blog Buy, Jumps On The Cluetrain

Looks like FoMoCo wants to make a "Bold Move" in the blogosphere so badly it's decided to buy its way in. The Dearborn, MI-based automaker recently made a purchase of ad space on 400 blogs running BlogAds ad boxes. The ads are appearing on urban-hipster sites like Gothamist, as well as environmental-themed sites like »8/09/06 2:32pm8/09/06 2:32pm