Turbulence Injures 14 Onboard Flight From Seoul To Dallas

American Airlines officials have confirmed that Flight 280 from Seoul to Dallas-Fort Worth was diverted to Tokyo on Tuesday night, as a result of fourteen turbulence-related injuries on board. The Boeing 777-200 was carrying 240 passengers and 15 crew members.http://flightclub.jalopnik.com/this-is-why-yo... » 12/16/14 1:40pm 12/16/14 1:40pm

Watch This Strongman Pull A Boeing 777 With A Rope Attached To His Back

Using only a rope attached to his back and his own brute strength, forty four year-old Austrian strongman Franz Mullner pulled a 142-ton Austrian Airlines Boeing 777-200 a distance of 47.5 feet. » 6/26/14 11:30am 6/26/14 11:30am