This Is Our Commercial: Detroit Radio Station Attacks Mellencamp's Singing Of "Our Country" At World Series

After enjoying Bob Seger's rendition of "America The Beautiful" in person during the first game of the World Series this past weekend, I was all ready to hear how Anita Baker would do singing the "Star-Spangled Banner" during game two last night. So it was rather weird for me to see a quartet of acoustical… » 10/23/06 12:33pm 10/23/06 12:33pm

Our Crooner, Our Truck: Bob Seger To Sing National Anthem For Game One Of The Chevrolet-Sponsored World Series

The hit squad goons with the General's marketing team may have thought they'd heard the last of fan-fave crooner Bob Seger, but now that it's been confirmed the fan-fave crooner'll be getting a run at the national anthem at the lynchpin of Chevy's $400 million marketing blitz for the Silverado, we've only got two… » 10/20/06 7:53pm 10/20/06 7:53pm

GM Hates Bob Seger: Chevy To Sell New Trucks By Getting A Bit Mellencampy

Despite much love being showed to the old "Like A Rock" ad campaign for Chevy trucks in our polls, GM and Chevy apparently want nothing to do with Bob Seger's crooning voice and a Rock-like image for its new GMT-900 Chevy Silverado trucks. Instead, according to Automotive News, the folks at Chevy would rather hurt so… » 9/11/06 11:41am 9/11/06 11:41am

Like a Nuttendiesel: Bob Seger Prefers Ze Porsche

We were all excited a few weeks ago after the results of our poll asking folks if they wanted Chevy to bring on the return of the old Bob Seger "Like A Rock" song / slogan as they herald in the new GMT-900 based pickup trucks. We found a whopping 49% of you answered "Yes! Dude, that song defines Chevy trucks." — with… » 9/06/06 4:30pm 9/06/06 4:30pm