This 4K Video Of New York City's Ship Graveyard Is Hauntingly Beautiful

The Arthur Kill ship graveyard of New York City’s Staten Island is where dozens of ships, boats, and watercraft go to whither, rot, and die. It’s one of those few forgotten, barren locations amongst the bustle of the city, and it’s nearly completely inaccessible. But this video, composed of gorgeous high-definition… »11/11/15 12:46pm11/11/15 12:46pm


These Photos Of That Grounded Car Carrier Ship Are Beautifully Surreal

Salvage experts are still trying to figure out what to do with the Hoegh Osaka, the carrier ship that ran aground off the Isle of Wight on Saturday evening while carrying 4,600 tonnes of cargo. Meanwhile, Getty Images photographer Matt Cardy has captured just how dire and breathtaking the situation really is. »1/08/15 10:25am1/08/15 10:25am

This $25 Million Yacht Looks Like A Supercar, Comes With One Inside

Let's say you invent a suppository that extends your lifespan, keeps you looking young, and gives you an orgasm any time you smell vanilla extract. What would you do with the piles of money you'd make? If you answered "buy a massive yacht that looks like a car and comes with its own supercar," then I'm relieved… »12/10/14 3:15pm12/10/14 3:15pm