This Guy Put A Whole BMW Front Clip In His Bar

Like many gearheads, going indoors can sometimes be painful. "But my car's outside!" we'll whine, hopping up and down and pointing at the door, as sleet and hail beats against the house. There's a few solutions here, but not all are ideal: » 1/17/13 2:20pm 1/17/13 2:20pm

Here's the story of how one BMW enthusiast built a BMW into his mancave. …

2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe: Daaaaaaaamn

There's been a lot of hate on BMW's 560 horsepower four-door coupe. Oh, they already have a four-door sedan. Oh they have too many cars in their lineup. Forget it, this M6 Gran Coupe looks amazing. » 1/15/13 2:20pm 1/15/13 2:20pm

This Is The Hilarious Explanation Of How That BMW E30 Crashed Into A…

We all got a really good laugh this weekend out of the E30 3-Series BMW that crashed into a light pole, even if it did mean the very unfortunate demise of one of our favorite cars. » 1/14/13 4:30pm 1/14/13 4:30pm

The BMW 4 Series Is A Big, Sexy, Beautiful Beast

Today BMW officially unveiled the car formerly known as the 3-Series coupe, and it looks even better in person than it did in the photos. Behold the BMW 4 Series. Pricks never had it so good. » 1/14/13 8:23am 1/14/13 8:23am

2014 BMW X5: This Is It

We're not yet sure whether BMW will unveil their new X5 at the Detroit Auto Show, but photos of the car have surfaced early over at the Malaysian website Cars, Bikes & Trucks this morning. » 1/14/13 6:30am 1/14/13 6:30am

How BMW Became A Terrorist Icon In The 1970s (And How It Made Them Cool)

In the early 1970s, the extreme left wing Baader-Meinhof Gang terrorized the people of West Germany with a campaign of bombings and assassinations aimed at dismantling a capitalist system they considered no better than the Third Reich. » 1/13/13 3:00pm 1/13/13 3:00pm

Watch A BMW Crash Into A Light Pole During Some Failed Parking Lot…

I don't think there's a better example of good, clean, wholesome fun than driving around an empty parking lot at speed. You can do it in any kind of car, and you can even get your friends and family involved for extra good times. » 1/13/13 10:00am 1/13/13 10:00am

Your Ridiculously Luminous E30 BMW M3 Wallpaper Is Here

E30. 'Round about these parts, it's the answer to every question almost a much as the Miata is. And why wouldn't it be? With a combination of understated good looks, compact size and rear-wheel-drive, it's hard to go wrong with a 1980s 3-Series. It's even better in super-sexy M3 trim. » 1/12/13 5:00pm 1/12/13 5:00pm

This Is What A Modern BMW Sounds Like When Engine Sounds Aren't Piped…

One unfortunate side effect of the increase in technology on automobiles is what has happened to engine sounds. » 1/05/13 11:00am 1/05/13 11:00am

For $7,500, Go To L

BMW have always produced sporty cars with a nod towards luxury, while competitor Mercedes Benz have staked their claim on luxury cars that're just a little bit sporty. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe L7 once tried to out Mercedes Mercedes, but will you find its current price to be simply outrageous? » 1/02/13 8:00am 1/02/13 8:00am

Your Ridiculously Awesome BMW Snow Drift Wallpaper Is Here

Depending on where you are in the world, there's a good chance that the weather outside is pretty frightful. This means most people will want to stay off the roads. But for someone with the right set of tires, and the right set of skills, snow time equals fun drifty time. » 12/29/12 5:15pm 12/29/12 5:15pm

What If BMW Actually Has Its Shit Together?

Today we asked what car companies lost their way in 2012. We will answer that question on Monday, but before we do, there's another question we have to ask, and it's about the big, fat cars that come out of Bavaria's once-lithe Motor Works. » 12/28/12 5:00pm 12/28/12 5:00pm

How To Make A Great Car Name — Or Completely Screw It Up

This week, Infiniti found themselves the subject of much ridicule after their decision to rename all of their cars with a "Q-" or "QX-" prefix followed by two numbers. » 12/22/12 12:00pm 12/22/12 12:00pm

The 2014 BMW Z4 Adds A Bimmerang And Not Much Else

With the exception of the Cayman/Boxster twins, traditional German sports cars tend to be overlooked. I don't think about the BMW Z4 that often even though I generally like it, in particular the sDrive28i fitted with the TwinPower Turbo 2.0-liter engine. None of the changes to the 2014 BMW Z4 will likely change this… » 12/18/12 8:40am 12/18/12 8:40am

2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe: It's Official, And We Still Want One

A few days ago, just hours after we showed you the new BMW M6 Gran Coupe, the Bavarians issued a rather long press release about their newest pride. It's not what you would call an exciting read, and we hadn't gotten around to posting the official news because we correctly guessed most of the stats then. Still, we… » 12/17/12 9:30am 12/17/12 9:30am

BMW Oh-Two? Ohhhh Yeaaaahhh!

Welcome to Found Around The District, where we highlight fascinating cars we find around a city where people are too busy fighting through traffic and hunting for parking to drive anything interesting: Washington, D.C. » 12/16/12 9:00am 12/16/12 9:00am