A Transport Fire Turned A V8-Powered E30 And RS4 Avant Into A Worthless Slag Heap

When a tractor trailer blew up in his town, Dj Buttchug, of a href="">r3vlimited forum fame, wrote it off as another meth lab explosion. But a month later he noticed there was something different about that particular supposed meth lab: Its flames had torched a… »12/03/12 3:20pm12/03/12 3:20pm

Why You Shouldn't Believe Stories About Rocket Fuel For Cars

A few days ago this article about the "European Space Agency working on using rocket fuel in cars" was brought to my attention, and I'll admit it made me a little excited. Perhaps not exactly visibly, but close. Upon reading the article, however, I was disappointed. I'll explain why, and also try to help you, curious… »11/13/12 9:30am11/13/12 9:30am