BMW Progressive Activity Sedan Spotted Again With Buick Ventiports

Remember the V5 » 11/05/08 8:30am 11/05/08 8:30am that's no longer the V5? That's because it's now the , which is apparently German for "5-Series Fastback." The PAS appears to be on track to compete with the , but the tent-like rear camo makes it tough to determine what the rear slope and proportions will end up looking like. We are totally digging…

2010 BMW V5 Spotted During Hot-Weather Testing

The artist previously known as the 2010 BMW V5 » 8/28/08 3:54pm 8/28/08 3:54pm has been spotted during hot-weather testing and continues to confound everyone of its raison d'etre. Since it's no longer called the apparently, we're just going to refer to it as the Mutt, since it's a mix of pretty much everything. The BMW Mutt appears to be about the…

2010 BMW V5, Because Minivans Make Too Much Sense

It's been a while since we last saw the 2010 BMW V5, but if these new shots acquired by Autogespot are any indication, it looks like the the crossover based on the next-generation BMW 5-Series is still on course for production. To most people, the V5 is simply a blob on four wheels, but BMW insists that this is a… » 8/04/08 1:40pm 8/04/08 1:40pm

2010 BMW V5, Now With Interior Photos!

Hey look everyone, it's more of the rumored 2010 BMW V5 taken by our European snow-bound spy photographers. Except this time the shots are our own and lookee here, they even caught a very camo-ed shot of the interior of the vehicle we're still told is a mix between a Touring and an MPV, with awd variants thrown in for… » 12/05/07 3:15pm 12/05/07 3:15pm

2010 BMW V5?

No folks, despite that extended rear end, we're told this tester caught by the spy peepers at UK's InfoMotori isn't the BMW X6 but actually is the 2010 BMW V5 out for some early testing. According to BMW's game plans revealed a few months ago, the V5's supposedly a sort of a mix between a Touring and an MPV, with awd… » 11/26/07 7:15am 11/26/07 7:15am