BMW M CEO talks about all-wheel drive, manuals, electric Ms and future models

BMW M’s new CEO, Frank Van Meel spent some time with us at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show to talk about the future of the M brand. BMW’s sports division is seeing record sales year-after-year with a 40 percent increase in 2014 over the previous year. “Which means last year we sold 45,000 M and M Performance vehicles… »9/22/15 5:42pm9/22/15 5:42pm


The Myth of the "Real M Car"

On two occasions in the past week I've had brow furrowing moments where someone made reference to a "real M car." The most recent being the comments on Chris Harris' comparison of the M6 GrandCoupe, E63, and Jaguar XFR-S where someone said "Finally maybe people will respect the M5/6 as real M cars." ...this raises a… »1/24/14 4:12pm1/24/14 4:12pm