This Spec E30 Made Up 36 Places In One Race

Ah, Spec E30: identical buzzing little BMW boxes from the era of my childhood, all fighting on an even "spec" playing field. Here's a guy at Road Atlanta who started from one place above dead last and carved through nearly all of the traffic to take the win in one short sprint race. » 12/03/14 8:50pm 12/03/14 8:50pm

This Is The Documentary BMW E30 Fans Have Been Waiting For

The 1984-1991 BMW 3-Series has become an auto-cultural flashpoint. From the rise in interest in (and value of) the E30 M3, to the hoards of E30s descending like boxy locusts on every 24 Hours of LeMons event, to Travis's recent racetrack dalliance in a new 3-Series spec series. If ever a car begged for a documentary,… » 10/05/14 3:25pm 10/05/14 3:25pm

An Automatic E30 Isn't The Worst Thing Ever

If you own an automatic E30 BMW, this is probably not news for you, since you probably love your car very much. BUT! If you've never driven an automatic BMW, this may surprise you; it doesn't suck! At all! » 2/09/14 1:56pm 2/09/14 1:56pm

A Rally Subaru Challenges A BMW E30 In Snowmageddon

You've seen people screwing around with four-wheel-drive sedans in snowy parking lots, but what happens when a built rally car hits St. Louis' Snowmageddon 2014? » 1/06/14 1:00pm 1/06/14 1:00pm

When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Radiation Levels?

In this May 2, 1986 photo, a BMW is checked for radioactive contamination at the East German border shortly after the Chernobyl disaster. » 9/06/13 1:30pm 9/06/13 1:30pm

Watch An Ex-F1 Driver Make A 1,192 Horsepower BMW E30 Fart A Lot

What happens when you give a BMW E30 1,192 horsepower? It gets very flatulent, as ex-F1 pilot and Flying Finn Mika Salo demonstrates. » 8/26/13 1:00pm 8/26/13 1:00pm

Is This 700 Horsepower 4WD BMW M3 The Craziest E30 Ever Built?

What happens when you strap an F1-sized turbo to a 1980s BMW M3, fit it with four wheel drive, and race it on a half dirt/half tarmac rallycross course? You get what could be the nuttiest E30 ever made. » 6/06/13 1:00pm 6/06/13 1:00pm

How Germany's Greatest Hero Invented The BMW 3-Series Wagon

Max Reisböck was a simple man with a simple dream. The BMW engineer wanted to take his family on vacation, but back in the 1980s, his car — a 3-Series sedan — was too small for their luggage. So he set out to fix this problem himself. » 5/11/13 10:00am 5/11/13 10:00am

The $500 Craigslist Car Rally Mexico Guy At The /DRIVE Clubhouse

You already know Bill Caswell, whose $500 Craigslist Car Rally story is the second most popular post in Jalopnik history. » 5/06/13 12:00pm 5/06/13 12:00pm

Hear The New World's Gnarliest BMW E30

It's not a howler monkey in a blender. It's not a screaming alien. It's the newest BMW to wear the highly unofficial crown of "world's gnarliest E30." » 4/22/13 1:00pm 4/22/13 1:00pm

What's Faster On Snow: A Beater Camaro Or A BMW M3?

Take one hugely powerful ice racing Camaro. Line it up against a classic E30 M3. Put them on a snow-covered dirt track. Who's faster? » 3/15/13 1:00pm 3/15/13 1:00pm

What's It Like To Daily Drive A BMW E30 M3?

After today's buyer's guide, you might wonder what it would be like to actually drive a BMW E30 M3 every day. Well, here's a first person account. » 3/06/13 5:00pm 3/06/13 5:00pm