Robert Rauschenberg, BMW Car Artist, Dead At 83

Contemporary American artist Robert Rauschenberg joined Pimp C and Janis Joplin on the list of artists from Port Arthur, Texas that we're sad to not have with us anymore. Though better known for any number of artistic accolades and pieces, we'll always remember Rauschenberg as the guy who designed the cover to … » 5/14/08 7:45am 5/14/08 7:45am

Elliasson Puts His BMW Art Car On Ice, Suck It Lichtenstein

There's apparently some competition for the Frozen Chevy Nova installation in our ongoing quest for the best piece of ice-based conceptual automotive art pieces. The latest entry comes from Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Elliasson, who has been one of our favorite artists since his The Weather Project at the Tate,… » 4/25/08 10:40am 4/25/08 10:40am