2010 BMW 760Li: V12 Power For A V12 Price

The 2010 BMW 760i and 760Li, the automaker's two flagships will now offer new eight-speed gearboxes, 544 HP 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12s, and sub-5.0 second 0-to-60 MPH acceleration. And all this for a base price of only $136,000. » 7/27/09 1:00pm 7/27/09 1:00pm

2008 BMW 750Li, Part Three

Why you should buy the 2008 BMW 750Li: » 9/11/08 1:30pm 9/11/08 1:30pm You're a pop star, Eastern European mobster, an NBA player or a 40-year-old lawyer that hits on college girls. You want a status symbol. You have no idea what an is. The only thing you use your computer for is checking your e-mail. You have a bad hip. You signed the "Fire Chris…