Why Does The E60 BMW 5-Series Look So Good Now?

When it debuted, the E60 wasn't just the ugliest 5 Series BMW had ever made — it was a strong contender for the ugliest car ever made. So why does it look so clean and handsome now? » 11/03/14 4:14pm 11/03/14 4:14pm

Why The Original BMW M5 Is Still A Sleeper Demon

These days, everyone loves to talk about the E30 M3 and how it's skyrocketing in value. Call me a heretic, but as much as I love E30s, I think I'd take the original E28 M5 instead. It's classy, it's ultra rare, it's got a beefy straight six, and it was supposedly the fastest sedan in the world when it debuted. » 6/04/13 10:30am 6/04/13 10:30am

2014 BMW 5-Series Gets New Diesel, New Competition Pack, New Crease

BMW must be panicked staring into the face of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class that looks well, different, than its predecessor. In the battle of German luxury car facelifts, though, the 2014 BMW 5-Series must be one of the most subtle. Seriously, I'm looking for the new. » 5/19/13 2:00pm 5/19/13 2:00pm

This Woman Found Her Automotive Soul Mate In A BMW M535i

Most of us never find our automotive soul mate. You know, that one, special car that really speaks to us at the core of our being, the one we would keep around forever. » 4/06/13 4:00pm 4/06/13 4:00pm

2013 BMW M5: The Jalopnik Review

Jason Bourne. Under his white-collar appearance and cool demeanor is a wild animal that — at the push of a button — can transform into a pure, unsavory killing machine. The 2013 BMW M5 is Jason Bourne. » 8/23/12 10:30am 8/23/12 10:30am

What Car Should Have Been Built As A Station Wagon?

Blame it on our love of all things station wagon, but after stumbling across this custom Cadillac station wagon we couldn't stop thinking about the wagons that should have been. » 7/07/12 6:00pm 7/07/12 6:00pm

It's Awesome To Own Your Childhood Hero Car

As a fledgling car magazine reader and member of the 11-year Old Future Motoring Journalists Institute of The United Kingdom, Chris Harris loved the 1986 E28 BMW M5. As an adult, he bought one. As you'll see, owning your childhood hero car doesn't suck. » 5/24/12 3:30pm 5/24/12 3:30pm

How To Drive Fast Without Getting Caught

If you were unaware, Alex Roy and co-driver David Maher crossed the continental U.S. in 31 hours, 4 minutes. They did it in an E39 BMW M5 that had more electronics gear than a twin-engine Cessna. Some have called the two irresponsible. Now, they're coming clean about road-trip safety. » 2/17/12 3:30pm 2/17/12 3:30pm

The world's fastest Christmas card

Taking a break from painting sexy portraits of cows, Swiss illustrator Gavin Patterson took a lap around Circuit de l'Anneau Du Rhin in Alsace with a BMW factory driver. On the way, he had to draw a Christmas card. Spoiler: He did not poke himself in the eye with a pen. » 12/16/11 1:30pm 12/16/11 1:30pm

Tire covered BMW with wings must be seen to be believed

Whenever you think you've seen all of the strange automotive creations Russia could conceivably have to offer something like this tire covered 5 series BMW with wings appears to remind you there is no limit to Russian weirdness. » 11/06/11 5:00pm 11/06/11 5:00pm

How I painted a BMW in my tiny New York Apartment

Despite the stereotype, car guys can exist in New York City, where parking is expensive and annoying, and good workspaces are harder to find than a cab on a rainy day. This is the story of how one car enthusiast prepped, primed and wrapped his BMW in a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. » 5/24/11 4:30pm 5/24/11 4:30pm

BMW's parody of famous Shell ad ends in a twist

Shell once ran an ad in which an F1 car was refueled by an air tanker. Imagine the same premise, only the car's a 5 Series, BMW's touting fuel economy and the ending's a surprise. BMW: the ultimate deus ex macchiato. » 5/20/11 4:30pm 5/20/11 4:30pm

Why is BMW working on an all-wheel-drive M5?

A BMW M5 with xDrive? Don your Internet fire suits and get to the forums in in 3-2-1... There's no production confirmation, but as Autocar reports, BMW officials have confirmed they're messing with the concept. Is the end of tail-out action near? » 5/03/11 2:00pm 5/03/11 2:00pm

2012 BMW M5: First Drive... on ice

If, say, BMW invites you to ride in a new BMW M5 on a Swedish lake, the cynic in you might expect one of those shambolic "passenger" rides where the hapless journalist attempts to glean something of use riding shotgun.
» 3/11/11 3:30pm 3/11/11 3:30pm

This is the BMW wagon we're pining for

Each time we've passed by the B5 BiTurbo Touring, the Alpina-tuned 5 Series wagon, here at Geneva, we've let out a little whimper. And why shouldn't we? With a 507 HP and 516 lb-ft o' torque BMW twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 powerplant under the hood, it's hard for your pants not to tighten when you see this power… » 3/02/11 5:30am 3/02/11 5:30am


Continuing a series of flying 5-Series is this E12, caught during liftoff. We'd recommend that lovely passenger of the 1970s not continue to strike that pose upon re-entry. [via Ben Kraal] » 1/28/11 9:30am 1/28/11 9:30am

Forklift Gives BMW A New Parking Spot

Watch a forklift driver in Taiwan provide the answer to the riddle "How do you move a BMW 5-Series wagon across a construction zone without its wheels touching the ground?" Ultimate driving machine, meet ultimate parking enforcer. (Thanks Robert!) [e90post.com] » 12/30/10 4:00pm 12/30/10 4:00pm

Meerkats Really Like The E34 BMW 5-Series

A while back, BMW featured Sabine Schmitz on its "Unscripted" web video series. This week, it's South Africa's own Grant Mc Ilrath, A.K.A "The Meerkat Man." His Nürburgring lap time might be subpar, but those meerkats sure love his Bimmer. » 12/28/10 12:00pm 12/28/10 12:00pm

Oppo In The Sky With Bimmers

It looks too old to be photoshopped and too scuzzy to be a render. So what is it? Well, it's an E34 getting a dab of oppo after some huge air. Anyone have post-jump/crash photos? [via Banovsky] » 12/20/10 12:30pm 12/20/10 12:30pm