Junkyard Build Quality Challenge, Speedometer Edition: Germany

When we did the Junkyard Build Quality challenge with door panels, the Audi 80 won handily, with top-shelf fasteners, few hidden corners cut, and well-thought-out design. We're moving into sportier— and pricier— territory here, with a 1993 BMW E36 yielding its speedometer to Shawn's crude-yet-effective junkyard… » 9/26/10 11:30pm 9/26/10 11:30pm

After Hot & Rainy Day Of Racing: E30, Prelude, 3000GT, RX-7, Crown…

The weather was about what you'd expect for South Carolina in May, mechanical failures stacked up dead cars like cordwood, and the Penalty Box had plenty of clients. But some cars neither blew up nor spun out. » 5/23/10 1:00am 5/23/10 1:00am

LeMons Torture Test Results: BMW E30

Tired as we are of the BMW E30 in LeMons (second in popularity only to the Civic/CRX/Integra), we're forced to admit that the E30 has proven to be a pretty decent cheap endurance racer. If you start the race with an E30, you've got nearly 50-50 odds of keeping it running all weekend. » 1/17/10 10:00pm 1/17/10 10:00pm

New, Improved 'Noch Ein Scheiß-E30' Stencil Makes LeMons Debut

Remember the very special stencil we use on LeMons E30s? LeMons 300ZX driver and artist Walker Canada has worked his magic on my original design, and it looks great! » 9/12/09 1:00am 9/12/09 1:00am

BMW E30s Get Special Treatment At LeMons South: Noch Einer Scheiß-E30!

As everyone who follows our 24 Hours Of LeMons coverage knows, we're all getting tired of the vast numbers of BMW E30s at the races. What to do? Give 'em the mark of shame! » 4/03/09 9:00pm 4/03/09 9:00pm

LeMons People's Curse Victim: Salazar Racing BMW!

As we've seen before, pissing off your competitors in the 24 Hours of LeMons tends to backfire in dramatic fashion. Here's how it works: at the end of the first day of racing, each team votes for the team whose car they most wish to see destroyed the next day. The team with the most votes gets a date with a large… » 7/27/08 1:15pm 7/27/08 1:15pm