2015 BMW 2-Series Convertible: This Is It (And It Gets AWD)

It just so happens that the BMW 2-Series is my favorite new BMW to come along in some time, because it's a spirited, compact rear-drive coupe that pays homage to the old 2002 with lots of modern amenities and performance. And for its second year on the market, it loses a top and gains all-wheel drive. » 9/09/14 6:40pm 9/09/14 6:40pm

The 2014 BMW M235i Coupe Is What You Hope All BMWs Will Be

LA is lousy with BMWs. After seeing innumerable X3s and X6s parking across multiple parking places, it's easy to forget some very crucial things. Things like the fundamental goodness of humans and BMW's remarkable ability to make incredible sports coupés. Luckily, the new BMW M235i will remind you of half of those… » 1/20/14 2:20pm 1/20/14 2:20pm

​BMW's Teasing The 2-Series Coupe, Which Should Be Awesome

The 2015 BMW 2-Series, which is actually going to replace the BMW 1-Series, is about to debut. The Bavarian Motor Works have accordingly presented the world with this teaser video, in anticipation of the coupe's October 25th debut. If its predecessor is anything to judge it by, then it should be good. » 10/19/13 2:38pm 10/19/13 2:38pm