BMW Makes The Best 2-Series Better With A Track Handling Package

The BMW 2-series coupe is definitely a favorite around these parts, and the 228i coupe might be the sweet spot in the range with its lower price and lower weight compared to the M235i. For 2015, BMW makes the 228i even more enticing with a Track Handling Package. » 4/14/14 3:45pm Monday 3:45pm

Configure Your Ideal BMW 2-Series And We'll Let You Drive It

The best ideas are often the ones that seem to appear out of nowhere, like when BMW asked us if we wanted to configure a new BMW 2-Series for the local press fleet. We said yes, but we asked if we could let you the reader do the configuring and some of the driving. They said yes to that, too. » 1/24/14 2:20pm 1/24/14 2:20pm

A BMW M2 Might Be Coming In 2016

Names over at BMW are tricky these days. That BMW M235i that Jason drove? It's not officially a "real" M-car, and it's certainly not to be confused with the 225i Active Tourer, which is front-wheel and has a Mini Cooper engine. But! A real M-ed up 2-Series might be coming. » 1/21/14 1:20pm 1/21/14 1:20pm

The 2014 BMW M235i Coupe Is What You Hope All BMWs Will Be

LA is lousy with BMWs. After seeing innumerable X3s and X6s parking across multiple parking places, it's easy to forget some very crucial things. Things like the fundamental goodness of humans and BMW's remarkable ability to make incredible sports coupés. Luckily, the new BMW M235i will remind you of half of those… » 1/20/14 2:20pm 1/20/14 2:20pm

The BMW M235i Racing Is Proof That 'M' Still Stands For Something

BMW is introducing a fender-flaretastic "M235i Racing" variant of the new BMW 2-Series, designed for use in what are considered more accessible racing series such as the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring, where it'll race against the likes of Porsche and Audi. » 11/20/13 9:45am 11/20/13 9:45am

The BMW 2-Series Is The Most Appealing BMW In A Long Time

We spend a considerable amount of Internet ink around here complaining that modern day BMWs are too heavy and not as enthusiast-oriented as they used to be. I'm going to offer some praise instead: I'm very excited about the M235i and 228i. » 10/25/13 1:35pm 10/25/13 1:35pm

​BMW's Teasing The 2-Series Coupe, Which Should Be Awesome

The 2015 BMW 2-Series, which is actually going to replace the BMW 1-Series, is about to debut. The Bavarian Motor Works have accordingly presented the world with this teaser video, in anticipation of the coupe's October 25th debut. If its predecessor is anything to judge it by, then it should be good. » 10/19/13 2:38pm 10/19/13 2:38pm

Why The BMW 1-Series Is The Next Great Future Classic

Last week, the first uncovered photos of the BMW 2-Series hit the web. I like it. But it got me thinking about the outgoing BMW 1-Series, and why years from now, it may be the most sought after Bimmer of our time by enthusiasts, weekend racers and hoons on a budget. Now might be the ideal time to snatch one up. » 5/24/13 3:30pm 5/24/13 3:30pm