2009 BMW 1-Series Convertible

In case the word didn't get out, it's convertible day at BMW. First they throw down with the new BMW M3 Convertible, and then they show their ace card the new 2009 BMW 1-Series Convertible. The littlest BMW is sporting a hot new powered drop-top and the teeming masses are all over it like gooey French cheese.… » 3/04/08 11:00am 3/04/08 11:00am

Detroit Auto Show: BMW 1-Series Convertible

Say guten tag to BMW's latest cabrio. It's the droptop version of the 1-Series that debuted earlier this year. We've already seen the press shots, back in October. But after all those months, BMWs come up with a suitable US base price of $34,000 to start. That's for the 128i; no word on the 135i convertible, which is… » 1/13/08 2:33pm 1/13/08 2:33pm

BMW 1-Series Convertible, Full Press Kit

A more artsy sort might call the above series of photos "triptych in B minor." We're just calling it part of the press kit released this week for the BMW 1 Series convertible. We've uploaded the full monty for your viewing, drooling or skewering pleasure. Whatever you think of the newest small BMW droptop or its hardtop… » 9/30/07 1:44pm 9/30/07 1:44pm

BMW 1-Series Convertible, on Video

What could be more relaxing than a spirited jaunt on a German country lane in a convertible? If you answered, "17 minutes in a dumpster full of clotted cream with Nigella Lawson," please focus. BMW released some b-roll of its new 128i convertible (yes, the same BMW 128i convertible we revealed to you mere moments ago —… » 9/29/07 7:26pm 9/29/07 7:26pm

BMW 1-Series Convertible Revealed, To Hit the US in 2008

BMW says the droptop version of its coming entry coupe, the 1 Series, will reach the US in spring 2008. Like its hardtop brother in coupidity, the convertible will come in 128i and twin-turbo 135i (to go on sale later in the year) models. The top can be raised in 22 seconds at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and… » 9/29/07 6:50pm 9/29/07 6:50pm