Detroit Auto Show: BMW 1-Series Convertible

Say guten tag to BMW's latest cabrio. It's the droptop version of the 1-Series that debuted earlier this year. We've already seen the press shots, back in October. But after all those months, BMWs come up with a suitable US base price of $34,000 to start. That's for the 128i; no word on the 135i convertible, which is… » 1/13/08 2:33pm 1/13/08 2:33pm

BMW 1-Series Convertible Revealed, To Hit the US in 2008

BMW says the droptop version of its coming entry coupe, the 1 Series, will reach the US in spring 2008. Like its hardtop brother in coupidity, the convertible will come in 128i and twin-turbo 135i (to go on sale later in the year) models. The top can be raised in 22 seconds at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and… » 9/29/07 6:50pm 9/29/07 6:50pm