BMW Greenlights FWD 1-Series Sedan In Sure Sign Of Apocalypse

BMW, the company that once bragged in ads like this one that they do not make front-wheel drive cars for a good reason, has decided the rabbit with giant front feet may not be so bad after all and has greenlit a front-wheel drive 1-Series. Repent, for the end is nigh! » 9/27/13 1:10pm 9/27/13 1:10pm

Why The BMW 1-Series Is The Next Great Future Classic

Last week, the first uncovered photos of the BMW 2-Series hit the web. I like it. But it got me thinking about the outgoing BMW 1-Series, and why years from now, it may be the most sought after Bimmer of our time by enthusiasts, weekend racers and hoons on a budget. Now might be the ideal time to snatch one up. » 5/24/13 3:30pm 5/24/13 3:30pm

The Next BMW 1-Series Might Not Come To America

Just what is up with the BMW 1-Series these days, anyway? The small coupe we Americans get was replaced with a new three- or five-door hatch in the European market back in 2011 called the F20. That hasn't come stateside yet, and reportedly, its successor might not either. » 5/03/13 2:06pm 5/03/13 2:06pm

BMW M135i Concept: Bimmer Got Back

Ain't no fruit sweeter than a forbidden one. Just ask Eve. Fans in the United States get a plethora of BMW 1 Sseries products, including a convertible and the delightful 1M Coupe. They should be content, but then BMW drops this. It's the BMW M135i three-door hatch concept and the yearning begins yet again. Damn you,… » 2/24/12 8:30am 2/24/12 8:30am

BMW 1M vs Porsche Cayman R vs Audi TT RS: Which to buy?

The new genre of "lower-case halo cars" — specifically the Porsche Cayman R, BMW 1M and Audi TT RS — are pricey, but they've got their priorities in the right place, with nimble handling, supercar acceleration and manual transmission only. The question is, which one would you buy? » 10/20/11 2:00pm 10/20/11 2:00pm

BMW 1-Series M Confirmed, Won't Be Called M1

BMW's M-anaging director Dr. Kay Segler has confirmed the mysterious 1-Series testers we've seeing are indeed testers for a new M-division product. But, it won't wear the M1 moniker. No matter — lighter and faster, please. [ (translated) via Pistonheads] » 6/04/10 8:30am 6/04/10 8:30am