Ultimate-Level BMW Asshat Double Parks, Takes Bat To Pickup Truck

It’s easy to think that the field of parking lot-inspired dickshittery is stagnating. What real innovations have you seen lately? Well, I’m happy to say that impressive work is still being done, as evidenced by this remarkable triumph of awful parking and juvenile vandalism, perpetrated by a self-absorbed jackass.… » 6/25/15 1:08pm 6/25/15 1:08pm

BMW Wants to Put a Vehicle Charging Station In Every Street Light

For electric vehicles to truly supplant their gas-guzzling predecessors, there needs to be as many charging stations on the roads as there are gas stations—if not more. So BMW proposes upgrading the street lights that already line roads everywhere with charging capabilities and energy-efficient lighting. » 6/17/15 4:14pm 6/17/15 4:14pm

All The Interesting New Technology On The 2016 BMW 7-Series

You may be of the opinion that the 2016 BMW 7-Series is just a cushy almost-limousine for rich dudes with no interest in insane M5 levels of performance. You’d be wrong, then, because like Mercedes’ S-Class, the 7-Series is BMW’s technological flagship. And the new one has some crazy interesting stuff. Here are some… » 6/10/15 8:15pm 6/10/15 8:15pm

This Could Be The Cure For Endlessly Looking For Parking In Cities

One of my favorite statistics ever is that 30 percent of drivers in cities are circling the block to find parking. The traffic data nerds at Inrix thinks it’s found the solution, snagging data from a host of sources to create a heat map of where to find open spaces, and it’s coming to BMW later this year.
» 6/03/15 3:50pm 6/03/15 3:50pm

BMW Reportedly Making A 2-Series Gran Coupe As That's What BMW Does Now

In a move that should surprise no one, BMW reportedly is building a “Gran Coupe” version of the 2-series. For those of you not familiar with BMW’s ridiculous naming scheme, when they add “Gran” in front of “Coupe,” it means two extra doors. This might be their best idea yet. » 5/29/15 10:02am 5/29/15 10:02am