The BMW Concept Compact Sedan Sure Looks Like The Next 1 Series

Well, isn’t this an interesting surprise right after the LA Auto Show! Right after we were all done gorging ourselves on hors d’oeuvres and those little bottles of hotel room booze I think I can expense, BMW goes and drops a new concept compact sedan on the world. It’s called the Concept Compact Sedan! »11/20/15 10:04am11/20/15 10:04am

Idiot Discovers That Driving Into A Hillside Will Flip A BMW

Mullholland Highway in Los Angeles is a pretty spectacular road to drive — up in the hills you get all kinds of fun turns and switchbacks and good tarmac times. Of course, it’s also a public road, and not being an idiot is always a good plan. It’s not a plan that’s universally followed, like this hill-seeking BMW 328i… »11/17/15 10:45am11/17/15 10:45am

That Leaked BMW Hydrogen Concept May Not Run On Hydrogen, Gets 706 MPG Instead: Report

Remember this thing? When the patent leaked out of China for what looked like a Hydrogen fuel cell concept from BMW, we labeled it an abomination. Well now reports claim it’s actually a 2-cylinder hybrid that gets up to 706 mpg. 706 miles-per-gallon. That’s a lot of miles per gallon. »11/11/15 8:00pm11/11/15 8:00pm

The 2016 BMW M2 Is A 365 Horsepower Love Letter To Speed Freaks Everywhere

Feel like the M brand is drowning in a sea of crossovers and Gran Coupes? Worried it stands more for “marketing” than anything else? Do you long for the days when an M badge meant the car was built only for the purists? The good news is that BMW is here with a love letter for enthusiasts—a two-character letter spelled »10/13/15 6:24pm10/13/15 6:24pm