Mortality, fatherhood, and a '67 MGB. 

You know your dad isn’t forever, right? I remember the first time I realized he wouldn’t always be there - a sudden drop in weight thanks to a hyperactive thyroid thinned Dad out, made him seem less substantial. He bounced back of course, but it shook me up for a while. He was always just there, the rock, the oak, the… »6/21/15 10:15am6/21/15 10:15am


This Japanese Mini Cooper Does Everything Backwards

Here are things we know about the BMC Minis: front-engined, front-wheel-drive, tiny wheels, Brit motor. Here are things we know about this racing Mini from Japan: mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive, gigantic wheels, Honda B18c engine. We're not sure what compelled this individual to take the original Mini platform and flip… »5/01/08 11:00am5/01/08 11:00am

Black Mustang Club Tussles, Then Makes Nice With Ford Over Fair Use

Sometimes mountains and molehills are made of both made of thin air. A couple of weeks ago the Ford Mustang enthusiasts site "Black Mustang Club" was contacted by their publisher, Cafepress, regarding the calender they were about to publish. The club owners had compiled a 12 month calender of pictures of their rides… »1/17/08 1:15pm1/17/08 1:15pm