Ford's B.M. — Episode VI: FoMoCo PR's Got The Biggest Balls Of Them All

We've been a bit lackadaisical in our coverage of the "Bold Moves" documentary as of late, and for the two of you who're fans of the 50-part documentary, we apologize (sorry Bill and Mark!). For the rest of us, watching these web-isodes is kind of like passing a car accident on the side of the road, where the only… »7/27/06 12:30pm7/27/06 12:30pm

Ford's B.M. — Episode II: Peter Horbury Has Balls; But Does "Dave"?

Ford's just released the second of 20 webisodes comprising its "Bold Moves" documentary. In this segment, the focus is on design (or the lack thereof). It's so overflowing with brilliant lines, we can't even pick a favorite to run through the Jalopnik meat grinder. There's Mark Fields, with, "We gotta get that design… »7/07/06 5:25pm7/07/06 5:25pm

Ford's B.M. — Webisode I: "Change, Die Or Be Pooped On"

Mark "movie star" Fields now has his big-budget action flick — where he can show his pluckiness, his spunk, his grit and determination. Or at the very least it's a place where Fields can make the case for Ford being an "underdog." We'll let you make the call on the veracity of that statement yourself. The prologue's… »6/27/06 4:45pm6/27/06 4:45pm

Ford's Thinking Hollywood, Baby! Bold Moves: The Movie!

Ford must really think the public is concerned with how they're turning the company around because Ford's hitting the "big (little) screen" like a star — like a not-so-bright, not-so-shining star — in a 50-part documentary series highlighting the "Bold Moves" FoMoCo is taking. In an e-mail today to all Ford staff,… »6/26/06 4:28pm6/26/06 4:28pm