The Awesome Car Art of Scott Fischer

Scott Fischer, known for illustrating several NY Times bestsellers as well as concept art for video games, is also an old school Datsun enthusiast, who knew? He's a User Administrator over at and has made several absolutely amazing car drawings you'll only find there. » 10/19/13 10:19am 10/19/13 10:19am

The First 40 Years Of Motor Racing

Henry Ford famously said that "auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built". While he was probably right, it definitely started before he build his second Quadricycle in 1898, featuring chain drive and a whopping 20 mph top speed. » 12/19/12 4:40pm 12/19/12 4:40pm

For $3,300, Get Off the Dime

In Japan, the 510 was called the Bluebird. That's fitting as today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 510 is blue, but will its condition and price make you want to flip the seller the bird? » 5/17/10 8:00am 5/17/10 8:00am

Beat The Hell Outta Your Datsun 510, Just Like Bob Bondurant!

"If a Datsun 510 with minor modifications can take this kind of abuse that long, who knows how long a new 510 will last out there." » 3/21/10 1:00pm 3/21/10 1:00pm

First-Ever LeMons Datsun 510 Prepares To Race Next Weekend!

So much speculation about the possibility of a Datsun 510 in the 24 Hours Of LeMons over the years, and now it's actually happening! » 7/05/09 3:00pm 7/05/09 3:00pm

Very First DOTS Car Up For Sale!

When you have a '61 Mini and an '83 Toyota 4x4 pickup and you're dangerously close to building the first-ever VW-based kit car 24 Hours Of LeMons racer, you might need to shed a project. » 6/14/09 3:00pm 6/14/09 3:00pm

1973 Datsun 510

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. Here's the fourth Datsun 510 in the series. » 5/02/09 9:00am 5/02/09 9:00am

Nissan Bluebird-U Makes The Ladies Crave Your Essence!

We think Nissan should drag the admen who made this series of Bluebird commercials out of retirement and put them to work on their current product line. Yes, they're that good! » 4/19/09 1:30pm 4/19/09 1:30pm

1972 Datsun 510

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. A surviving Datsun 510 is the Bluebird Of Happiness for us!
» 1/20/09 9:00am 1/20/09 9:00am

1967 Datsun 411 Down On The Maui Street

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. You'd think Maui's humidity would be rough on old Japanese cars… » 1/02/09 4:00pm 1/02/09 4:00pm

PCH, Japanese Nostalgia Edition: 1969 Toyota Crown or 1959 Datsun 1000?

It would appear that our readers are Lamborghini purists, given the 82/18 shellacking the V12-powered Espada issued to the Chevy-powered Espada in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll. Either way, who would have imagined owning a genuine, almost-running Lamborghini for the price of a new base Camry? Project Car Hell… » 5/28/08 5:20pm 5/28/08 5:20pm

Duct Tape Saves The Day For Vintage Racer's Datsun 510

A '68 Datsun 510 race car is a pretty good handling machine, but when you race in the sleet, rain, and snow of a Pacific Northwest springtime (as VintageRacer does) sometimes your car ends up taking an unscheduled detour off the track. Make the jump for VintageRacer's story.
» 4/28/08 3:00pm 4/28/08 3:00pm

What Is Your Ideal Pair Of Vehicles?

BRABUS got us thinking about pairs with their SLR McLaren and Smart package deal. How great would it be to get vehicles custom matched to fill various needs in your life? Even better, what about cars matched to fulfill your various automotive desires? One of our favorite actual pairings has to be the Bluebird RV with… » 3/03/08 11:40am 3/03/08 11:40am

Live the Life, In a School Bus Camper

We've all daydreamed about it at least a little. Thumbing our noses at the man, tossing out all our worldly possessions and hitting the open road for good, throwing caution to the wind. Then by accident you pick up an Auto Trader and flip to see page after page of dirt cheap Blue Bird school buses just waiting to… » 2/14/08 9:45am 2/14/08 9:45am

We Had it Right! Scots to Consider American-Style School Buses

In what is clearly a great moral victory for America in a time when victories are rare, akin perhaps to Kurt Russell's defeat of the soviet hockey team in that movie, Scotland has decided to invest in a technology that the U.S. of A. has been a leader in for decades: the big yellow school bus. Based on a study that… » 11/06/07 3:30pm 11/06/07 3:30pm

The Bluebird of Vintage Racing Happiness

Since we all enjoyed the shots of VintageRacer's Datsun 510 in action so much, he's sent in some more quality racing photos. This time the subject is a right-hand-drive Bluebird, which has made the move from Japan to the racetracks of the Pacific Northwest. Once again, thanks for sharing this stuff, VintageRacer! » 10/15/07 2:00pm 10/15/07 2:00pm

1966 Datsun 411

Alameda is a great town for spotting daily-driven old cars- not much rust, lots of weird single-interest obsessos who stick with some obscure car model for decades (and who will knock out all your teeth with a wrench if you diss that model), and a chronic shortage of off-street parking that puts all the vintage iron… » 5/23/07 10:30am 5/23/07 10:30am


If the scientific windbags of our youth were actually worth their salt we were all by now supposed to be flying our cars, taking weekends on the moon, and not even having to toil away eighty-plus-hours-a-week to pay the bills. Technology was the answer, and was supposed to be doing the work for us. All this talk… » 11/10/06 2:00pm 11/10/06 2:00pm

Spy Photos: 2008 Suzuki SX4 Sedan

The spy photogs paid by the Road that is not straight snapped some great pictures of what's purported to be the sedan version of the hatchback Suzuki SX4 that'll be hitting stores across the US in just under a month's time. The sedan version appears to share with the five-door the same random quarter window next to… » 8/26/06 3:28pm 8/26/06 3:28pm