Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Diesel Claims 62 MPG Without Fancy Electric Motors

The new Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Diesel claims to return 62 MPG (US); in comparison, when measured using the same European combined cycle, the 2008 Toyota Prius gets 54 MPG. That's right: Using nothing but a thrifty diesel engine, low-rolling resistance tires, a revised gearbox and minor aerodynamic improvements,… »9/08/08 9:30am9/08/08 9:30am

Volkswagen to Present Golf BlueMotion, Five Other Diesels in Frankfurt

Volkswagen's cleaner diesels are bubbling up from the company's nether development regions, with six of them set to debut at the Frankfurt show in September. V-dub released details today about the BlueMotion Golf model, which the company says will get 52 mpg (US gallons). The golf is the fourth Volkswagen to get the… »8/13/07 10:45am8/13/07 10:45am

Go Blue! Volkswagen's Diesel-Sipping Polo Gets 72 mpg

Imagine Prius-smoking mileage figures for under 20 grand. That's the MO of Volkswagen's Polo Blue Motion — a hatch that can get around with a sparrow's mouthful of diesel. Introduced at the Geneva show earlier this year, the special Polo still can't touch the figures of V-dub's erstwhile Lupo 3L minicar, which could… »7/28/06 8:55am7/28/06 8:55am