Hyundai's Smartwatch App Lets You Find, Start, And Unlock Your Car

If you're in the venn diagram overlap of Android users, smartwatch owners, and Hyundai drivers, a new app coming next year will let you do everything from finding your car and flashing the lights to remotely starting it and unlocking the doors. » 1/02/15 2:21pm 1/02/15 2:21pm

Meet Blue Link, Hyundai's Answer To GM OnStar

Anything GM's OnStar can do, Hyundai hopes it can do better with Blue Link, its new telematics service for future Hyundai models. First up will be the Sonata and the Veloster 3-door coupe later this year. More info here. » 1/05/11 1:00pm 1/05/11 1:00pm