The 2009 Corvette ZR1 Is The Corvette SS, Blue Devil, Mako Shark, Z07 Or Whatever

Chevrolet's reputed 650-horsepower 2009 Corvette's been called by enthusiasts the "Blue Devil," the "Super Sport," the "Mako Shark," the "Z07" and all sorts of other monikers — but according to Todd Lassa, Motor Trend's Motor City Blogman, the up-powered 2009 Corvette will be officially called "ZR1." It's a badge with »9/05/07 7:45am9/05/07 7:45am

Spy Photos: New Corvette SS / Blue Devil / Whatever Pics?

The folks all about Corvettes in the Forum world are bringing some camera phone pictures to the internet of what they're claiming are more of the upcoming super-Corvette. Although we're not expecting to hear official word of the new 'vette that's been alternately called the "SS," the "Blue Devil" or "Rick's New Whip,… »5/09/07 8:46am5/09/07 8:46am

Lutz Says Corvette SS Project Safe, in Final Tuning Stage

Apparently GM's "pause button" on gas-swilling, rear-drive pavement ionizers doesn't include the "Blue Devil" Corvette SS (or whatever). Vice-grip chair, Bob Lutz says that project was too late to stop. As you'll recall, an EPA proposal to increase CAFE fuel economy requirements, Lutz said earlier this week, caused… »4/13/07 4:44pm4/13/07 4:44pm

Enter The "Blue Devil" Or "Blue Wagoner" Or Whatever: Lutz Confirms An "Appetite" For Big Horsepower Corvette

According to Automotive News, it's now official — GM plans to build a Super Corvette that's often referred to as the "Blue Devil" in reference to CEO Rick Wagoner's alma mater: »2/12/07 4:12pm2/12/07 4:12pm

Thank god for "Maximum" Bob Lutz and his amazing ability to have shit just spew out of his mouth at the most random of random times. God…

Crank it or Spank It? The Winding Road 'Vette Debate Rages On

Over at Dubspeed, spy photog and minion of Priddy Chris Doane weighs in on his side of the Winding Road faux-Blue Devil prank. Kasey Kagawa follows Doane's piece up with a counterpunch of his own, stating that stunts like this are precisely what American autojournalism needs to shake it out of its own self-absorbed… »12/04/06 10:45pm12/04/06 10:45pm

Sympathy For The Devil: Winding Road's Faux Hyper-Vette

Over at the Vortex of Vee-Dub, a man named Zerin has posted Winding Road's rather awesome practical joke on the trainspotters of the Detroit Metro area. They took a regular 'Vette, added foam, much tape, marine vinyl and some white contact paper and tricked many people into believing it was a preproduction version of… »12/02/06 2:15am12/02/06 2:15am

Spy Photos: Another Blue Devil, Corvette SS, Z07, Whatever Spotting

The allegedly-LS9-powered 'Vette has been spotted yet again on the mean streets of the town that's close to Wert's suburb, shot by a man with a cam who saw the camo'd up C6 and a bunch of guys typing on laptops in a manufacturer-plated Suburban. Sadly, dude was too intimidated to shoot more because he didn't want to… »11/08/06 6:30pm11/08/06 6:30pm

Spy Photos: More on the 2008 Corvette SS, Stingray, Mako Shark, "Blue Devil," etc.

AutoWeek's spies heard the compressor's whine under the hood of this prototype, which hearkens a limited-edition supercar 'Vette. The latest development in the "Blue Devil" saga (named after an early test mule seen on the N rburgring), this hood scoop'ed Z06 was reportedly on the way to the EPA for emissions and fuel… »11/06/06 9:30am11/06/06 9:30am

Spy Photos: 2008 Corvette SS, Stingray, Mako Shark, "Blue Devil"

Crap, look at that hood scoop. Some new shots of what looks to be a test mule for the oft-discussed, $100,000 "Blue Devil" Corvette emerged in the 'Vetteosphere. Spy photogs recently bagged this highly scooped specimen, which spy Chris "the ear" Doane says could only be powered by a supercharged 6.2-liter V8.… »10/04/06 8:03am10/04/06 8:03am

Over the Back Fence: "Blue Devil" Vette to Have 700hp

Unsubstantiated tips come and go, but some stick around like relatives. If there's anything right in the world, this tip — which adds to the broadening legend of the "Blue Devil" Corvette — sticks. It's from a guy who knows a guy who's been to a master-mechanic's seminar on fixing the supercharged mill that will… »7/05/06 12:12pm7/05/06 12:12pm

Blue Devil Equals Sting Ray: New Corvette to Get Good Old Name

We've been stalking the "Blue Devil" Corvette since the prospective 200-mph 'Vette was first spotted last year tearing up the N burgring with LeMans champ Jan Magnussen at the wheel. Word followed that it was powered by a supercharged version of the Z06's LS7 V8 pushing 600hp and used carbon fiber panels to reduce… »6/07/06 10:49am6/07/06 10:49am

Over the Back Fence: Blue Devil Corvette Coming in Spring 2007?

The following cryptic message showed up today on Digital Corvettes. Apparently penned by a Chevrolet dealer, it may offer new insight into the upcoming "Blue Devil" Corvette. Not a hell of a lot of insight, mind you, but just about any is welcome.
»5/16/06 1:05pm5/16/06 1:05pm

If Donna doesn't show up soon, we're gonna have to wait some more.*…