UK Channel 4 Reviews Cadillac BLS, Shares The Eurogasm

The chaps at Channel 4 got their hands on a Cadillac BLS, which they call the "first Cadillac to be designed specifically for Europe." This is before admitting that it's a badge re-enginered Saab 9-3/Vauxhall Vectra (a gigantic badge that probably adds 20 pounds to the car). It comes in wagon, which is a first for… »11/08/07 11:00am11/08/07 11:00am

Frankfurt Auto Show: 2008 Cadillac BLS Shows It Has A SexyBack...End

The BLS is everything you could ever love about the Saab 9-3, except without the Swedishness. Yup, this wagon's got it all — as long as by "all" you mean a bio-fuel-powered engine option and "extra powerful" 180 HP / 400 lb-ft o' torque turbo diesel engine. But hey, it's got "LED technology" — we think that means the… »9/12/07 2:30pm9/12/07 2:30pm

Over the Back Fence: Cadillac BRX Coming in 2009; BLS to the US

Here's one from the back burner. According to Edmunds Inside Line, Cadillac's plans for the BRX crossover may be even closer than we'd thought. Cadillac's general manager, Jim Taylor said the sub-$30,000 crossover is being considered, and supplier sources indicate the car's coming in mid-2009. Originally thought to… »8/22/06 11:12am8/22/06 11:12am