This Hand-Built Flat-12 Porsche 917 Awaits Your Offer

Here are the three most important facts you need to know about this hand-built, Subaru-powered Porsche 917 tribute : 1. It isn’t a Laser. 2. It isn’t complete. 3. It has “two Subaru Tribeca engines bolted together to make a 12 cylinder boxer.” The project lit up the internet when it first listed on eBay last August » 7/12/15 8:33am 7/12/15 8:33am

The DOTS Virus Spreads, World Conquest Soon!

I think Alameda Rides predates DOTS (and features many of the same cars), but now the concept is leaving the island and spreading fast. Well, fast enough for MaxForrest32 to start the DOTS Amateur blog, at any rate. Readers are invited to send in shots of cool cars they spot in the wild, much like DOTS Bonus Edition » 2/13/08 9:00am 2/13/08 9:00am

Magnesium und Shteel und Sans-Serif: 1961 Volkswagen 1500 Ad Campaign

Buddy Scott has been blogging up a storm over on what was supposed to be a restoration chronicle of his Type III but instead has turned into (probably) the most complete site on teh interwebs for all things VW 1500. So be it. We find this particular entry fascinating cause we dig old car ads so much. Essentially, and… » 1/10/07 3:39am 1/10/07 3:39am