Eleganté Embléms: Detroit Gets Classy

I tell you what, my latest junkyard haul has me considering a name change to Brougham E. Landau (the E stands for Eleganté, with the accent). » 7/19/09 3:30pm 7/19/09 3:30pm

Crystal-Studded Wheel Size Emblems!

Look, folks, if you're going the donk route, do it right! It's like having a dekotora- do you want subtlety or restraint? Of course you don't! You want to put big jeweled emblems advertising your donk's wheel size, preferably all over the car, but at least on the fenders. Iced Out Emz has a vast selection of such… » 6/13/07 4:30pm 6/13/07 4:30pm

Must-Have Manta Accessory: Kustom Lufthutze!

If you're a classy fella looking to impress the frauleins with your distinctive sense of style, you can't go wrong by attaching this beautiful scoop to the hood of your Manta. Be sure to install it using drywall screws! Sorry, matching wing not included. We can feel bristly blond Teutono-Mullets sprouting on our… » 6/06/07 6:30pm 6/06/07 6:30pm

Autorama Blowout! Bling,1930's Style

Bam, it hits you in the face with all dat chrome. This rolling bling hole is an Isotta Franschini 8A that was built in 1933 and is one of three completed and two surviving. A bling hole? Well, that's something with so much bling, no attention around it can escape its bling field, think Mr. T in his heyday. All eyes… » 3/16/07 10:00am 3/16/07 10:00am

Rolled Gold: Plated Rides Debut in Romania

Some say we're living in a new Gilded Age, wherein a small number of unconscionably wealthy and flamboyant individuals lord their riches over the insolvent, who cower in their presence. Then again, maybe it's just that a few knuckleheads with MasterCards keep throwing off the meters. We may never know. Well, maybe we… » 12/12/06 9:32am 12/12/06 9:32am

It's Money that Matters: 24K Gold Springs

It's said these 24k gold plated springs were originally fashioned for a customer in Dubai, who wanted his Ferrari F430 Spyder to stand out among the emirate's patently ungilded supercars. Now, H&R Springs, which came up with the plating process, is offering the springs for a premium of 2,000 euros over the cost of… » 11/24/06 8:21am 11/24/06 8:21am

SEMA Show: Clear Wheels

D'Vinci Forgiato Wheels worked up these transparent rollers made of Lexan or something. The reps say they're roadworthy, though we might have a problem with cleaning the brake dust off everytime we go out for groceries. Rolling fly is such a pain in the ass. [Gallery] » 10/31/06 7:35pm 10/31/06 7:35pm

Shiny Diamonds, Like the Eyes of a Cat in the Black and Blue: Ice Rims

Oh bugger. Did we really need 28" dubs embedded with your choice of zircs or diamonds? Apparently, some company called Yokebir thinks we do, and they've delivered their 924 Shock & Awe Series to do just that. We doubt that the "924" has anything to do with 924 Gilman Street, but we'd love to see what the teenage… » 5/08/06 2:10pm 5/08/06 2:10pm

Anti-Bling Laws Going into Effect in England

Last night when we strolled down to the bodega, we got chit-chatting to an artist-type who bummed a smoke off of us. While we were talking, some hip-hop type walked up to us and bummed another smoke. Not a big deal except that dude had an LED-impregnated belt-buckle that spelled out various things a-la the side of… » 2/27/06 11:31pm 2/27/06 11:31pm

Buy Dubs, Get Free Bentley

Asanti. Lexani. They sound like the names of ghetto-fabulous toddlers, but for those not hip to the urban revolution chronicled in the pages of magazines like DUB and King, they're actually manufacturers of so-called "luxury alloys," with Asanti standing as Lexani's ber-lux brand. Think it couldn't get more gauche?… » 11/08/05 11:47am 11/08/05 11:47am

King of the Ghetto: GTA San Andreas Fanfilm

Overeducated white dudes attempting to roll gangsta always bring to mind the implicit indictment of such behavior in Mike Judge's brilliant Office Space, but this vid's pretty funny anyway. Culled from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas clips, King of the Ghetto reminds us a bit of the days in suburbia when young boys… » 8/04/05 4:28pm 8/04/05 4:28pm

Hipster Hippies Create BioBling: Jalopnik Groans

We fully admit that we don't understand LA. We like it, but it intrigues and perplexes us like a hunter-killer sloth. Colette Brooks, an ad agency owner who masterminded Hollywoodwood celebs showing up at the Oscars in her corporate fleet of Priuses (Priii?), also has a thing for big American cars. Not badass… » 7/21/05 2:56pm 7/21/05 2:56pm