Crystal-Studded Wheel Size Emblems!

Look, folks, if you're going the donk route, do it right! It's like having a dekotora- do you want subtlety or restraint? Of course you don't! You want to put big jeweled emblems advertising your donk's wheel size, preferably all over the car, but at least on the fenders. Iced Out Emz has a vast selection of such… » 6/13/07 4:30pm 6/13/07 4:30pm

Must-Have Manta Accessory: Kustom Lufthutze!

If you're a classy fella looking to impress the frauleins with your distinctive sense of style, you can't go wrong by attaching this beautiful scoop to the hood of your Manta. Be sure to install it using drywall screws! Sorry, matching wing not included. We can feel bristly blond Teutono-Mullets sprouting on our domes, … » 6/06/07 6:30pm 6/06/07 6:30pm

Shiny Diamonds, Like the Eyes of a Cat in the Black and Blue: Ice Rims

Oh bugger. Did we really need 28" dubs embedded with your choice of zircs or diamonds? Apparently, some company called Yokebir thinks we do, and they've delivered their 924 Shock & Awe Series to do just that. We doubt that the "924" has anything to do with 924 Gilman Street, but we'd love to see what the teenage punkers… » 5/08/06 2:10pm 5/08/06 2:10pm

Anti-Bling Laws Going into Effect in England

Last night when we strolled down to the bodega, we got chit-chatting to an artist-type who bummed a smoke off of us. While we were talking, some hip-hop type walked up to us and bummed another smoke. Not a big deal except that dude had an LED-impregnated belt-buckle that spelled out various things a-la the side of the… » 2/27/06 11:31pm 2/27/06 11:31pm