The Vibering Concept Won't Provide Pleasure, May Protect You From Hybrids

Despite the sexual connotations of the name "Vibering," it's actually a concept in design that's purpose is not to please the nether regions. In actuality, the ring's designed with the blind and/or deaf in mind to protect against THE KILLER PRIUS. The concept sure sounds simple — with two sound-detecting rings and a… »6/04/08 2:40pm6/04/08 2:40pm

National Federation of the Blind Upset With The Sounds Of Silence From Hybrids

We've just heard the National Federation of the Blind believes hybrid cars, when in electric-only mode, are way too silent, and therefore a possible threat to the safety of the visually impaired. According to Deborah Kent Stein, the NFB's chair of their Committee on Automotive and Pedestrian Safety, she claims she's… »10/04/07 9:15am10/04/07 9:15am

A Blind Man Gets Nicked for Being 'Defective' Behind the Wheel

So we can't say that we endorse Omed Aziz' actions. The Iraqi native was busted by British coppers for driving in what the chairman of the bench at Warley Magistrates Court termed "a dangerous, defective state." Why? Well, apparently, Mr. Aziz has no eyes, having lost them in a bomb blast in his homeland. What's… »9/06/06 5:00pm9/06/06 5:00pm

Loud Pipes Save Lives: Blind Concerned With Lack of Hybrid Noise

While the goal of most manufacturers is to reduce NVH levels as far as possible, one group is concerned about the run-silent-run-deep modus operandi of hybrid vehicles: the blind. Dependent on the sound of a revving engine to know whether the coast is clear at an intersection, sightless folks are worried about… »10/19/05 7:44am10/19/05 7:44am