How GM Killed The Crossover: The Brief Life Of The Chevy XT-2 Concept…

In 1989, it was increasingly clear a new revolution was coming to the truck market, but what shape it would take was still a mystery. With the staggering success of large body-on-frame SUVs and light trucks just a gleam in the eyes of automakers, GMs design team continued down the path of car-based pickups with the… » 7/22/08 12:05pm 7/22/08 12:05pm

1971 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

We've seen an early Bronco in this series, so it's only fair that we have a DOTS Truck Monday featuring the Bronco's competitor from The General. This '71 Blazer parks on one of Alameda's major thoroughfares, not far from the Unimog and the '63 VW Transporter, and it's clearly someone's daily driver.
» 3/31/08 9:20am 3/31/08 9:20am

Death Race: GM Finishes First, Last

According to a four-year study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, you are more likely to die in a two-door, two-wheel-drive Chevy Blazer than any other vehicle in the United States. We're not really surprised, as we remember our neighbor's 1986 Blazer wound up breaking its own windshield sitting… » 4/19/07 5:00pm 4/19/07 5:00pm