Toyota Builds Excitement in Japan With Blade Master G

While Toyota's been following the US-market line of boring car buyers into a vegetative state, then taking their money, in Japan they're playing mix-and-match with stuff in their parts bin to quicken buyers' collective pulse. In Japan, Toyota's offering a hotted-up version of its Blade hatch — itself a sportier… » 8/02/07 12:45pm 8/02/07 12:45pm

I'll Cut You: Toyota Launches Blade in Japan

Toyota launched its new Blade hatch in Japan earlier today. Named not for the weapon of choice among Yakuza assassins of past decades, rather to "suggest an automobile with a 'sharpness' that fascinates people" (hmm), the Blade is a swank version of the Auris, which will is essentially a hatchback'd Corolla. It's got… » 12/21/06 9:06am 12/21/06 9:06am

Heating Up The Mercury: Brand Spokeswoman Jill Wagner Looking Hot And Bothered On the Small Screen In 'Blade'

Tho' we're neither mag nor lad mag, we do know a hot-as-hell spokeswoman when we see her — and no talking head's been hotter (in both Google-dom and on the boob-tube) than Mercury's Jill Wagner. She's hot — and so's her latest resume entry for the smaller-than-silver screen. She's got the role of sultry double-agent… » 7/01/06 11:28pm 7/01/06 11:28pm