It Will Cost A Mere $95 To Cross Manhattan Tomorrow

The Pope, AKA Pope Francis, AKA “Cool Pope,” is a heavenly man. But since he’s visiting New York, he will officially make travel here a living hell. Thankfully, a helicopter service in New York will raise all of our cross-town travels a little closer to God, as they’re offering the low-low rate of $95 just to go from… »9/24/15 10:34am9/24/15 10:34am


Heating Up The Mercury: Brand Spokeswoman Jill Wagner Looking Hot And Bothered On the Small Screen In 'Blade'

Tho' we're neither mag nor lad mag, we do know a hot-as-hell spokeswoman when we see her — and no talking head's been hotter (in both Google-dom and on the boob-tube) than Mercury's Jill Wagner. She's hot — and so's her latest resume entry for the smaller-than-silver screen. She's got the role of sultry double-agent… »7/01/06 11:28pm7/01/06 11:28pm