TVR Sagaris: The Battle Axe of Blackpool

TVR may be gone but not forgotten, and they also had the decency to go out with a bang: a violent, loud, and downright insane car called the Sagaris. » 8/27/10 9:00am 8/27/10 9:00am

Light in Blackpool: Riley Could Return as MG SV

According to Autocar, a scion of the Riley car company could bring British sports cars back to Blackpool, UK. On this side of the pond, Riley is just lesser known than Galaxy bars or the first Captain Wire album. But it was one of the oldest car companies in the UK. It was absorbed by British Leyland in the late… » 3/14/07 12:03pm 3/14/07 12:03pm

Will Boy Billionaire Say Yes to Wakeman/Melling TVR Buyout?

No, this tale does not come from the Topographic Ocean, but rather the UK. A consortium headed by British sports car guy Al Melling and Yes keyman Rick Wakeman is reportedly looking to buy TVR from Little Nicky Smolenski. The group plans to keep production in Blackpool and use the facility to build some of Melling's… » 2/13/07 3:45pm 2/13/07 3:45pm

TVR Hooks Up With Bertone

Well, there you go. Earlier this week, TVR set off a speculation bomb by announcing its cars would no longer be produced in Blackpool, UK. Would it be Russia? Slovenia? The Kingdom of Bhutan? None of the above. As Autocar reports, the next-generation of TVRs — The Sagaris, Tuscan and Tuscan Convertible — will be… » 10/20/06 8:54am 10/20/06 8:54am