Legendary Skunk Works Founder Kelly Johnson's Rules Of Management

Clarence “Kelly” Johnson is the Babe Ruth of aerospace design. Aircraft programs under Johnson were so cutting edge and historically influential, and his cult of personality and management strategy so effective, that he and Lockheed’s Skunk Works (which he also founded) are forever enshrined in mankind’s technological… » 5/31/15 4:53pm 5/31/15 4:53pm

You'll Swear The Ground Shook After Watching This Heavy SR-71 Departure

Take an SR-71 Blackbird, load it to the brim with fuel and sensors and hand it to the most experienced Blackbird pilot of all time, BC Thomas, with over 1200 hours in the jet, and this is what you get. According to BC’s notes, the Blackbird was traveling at over 400 kts (about 460 mph) by the time he pitched the nose… » 5/01/15 1:37pm 5/01/15 1:37pm