Lincoln To Launch "Black Label" So You Can Indulge In Luxury

Sometimes luxury is not order to be truly luxurious, you gotta go beyond luxury. I believe real luxury drivers want to drive something that sounds like a type of scotch. This is why the Lincoln Motor Company is introducing their "Black Label" line. » 11/17/14 1:44pm 11/17/14 1:44pm

The Historical Guide To Designer Label Lincolns

Lincoln is not the only brand to make use of designer labels to make certain models seem more special or tasteful or sale-able. But it’s still surprising (maybe a little disappointing) that they decided to be very unimaginative when they announced their new “designer” trim level of the new-for-2013 MKZ sedan. » 8/18/13 12:00pm 8/18/13 12:00pm