Everything You Need To Know About The Black Boxes Coming To Your Next…

It's looking very likely that a bill in Congress that will make mandatory the use of "black boxes"— more formally, Event Data Recorders (EDR) — will become law soon. These are little computers clad in rugged casings that record data from your car's various sensors and computers to use for accident investigation and, very … » 12/07/12 2:45pm 12/07/12 2:45pm

Investigators Find No New Defects, Enlist NASA Help In Toyota Probe

Data from black boxes in 58 Toyotas involved in sudden acceleration cases shows no evidence of any other defects beyond sticky pedals and chunky floormats, according to a report U.S. regulators gave Congress today. But you already knew that. » 8/10/10 3:45pm 8/10/10 3:45pm

Honda Black Box Will Put Scummy Insurance Scammers on Notice

Honda's Drive Recorder is the solution to he-said/she-said arguments involving car crashes. The Drive Recorder is essentially a souped-up black box. It includes a camera that records video and audio for 12 seconds prior to a crash and eight seconds after. Also included is a box that records other important data and… » 2/04/08 12:30pm 2/04/08 12:30pm

Black Box Bogey: NHTSA Says Carmakers Must Tell Buyers They're Being…

The Feds have spoken: No exposure without disclosure. This week, the NHTSA gave automakers a green light to put black-box data recorders aboard new vehicles, but from 2011 onward they must inform car buyers if a model carries such a box. (Currently, 60% of new cars have them.) That'll give regulators and manufacturers… » 8/23/06 7:57am 8/23/06 7:57am

More on Progressive's Elective "Black Boxes" for Usage-Based Insurance

As we once reported, Progressive is paying some of its policyholders to be the Guinea pigs in a research study into usage-based insurance. Blogger mnot now points us to details of Progressive's TripSense data recorder — a dongle connected to a car's data port that collects information on driving habits. According to… » 11/21/05 11:30am 11/21/05 11:30am

In America, Car Watches You: Lexus and MCI Team up to Monitor Drivers

Toyota announced it was including two driver-monitoring technologies, developed with telecom giant MCI, in its 2007 Lexus GS 450h sedan. As Edmunds Inside Line reports, one is like a digital mother-in-law that calculates the possibility of a collision and sends an alert if a driver isn't facing forward; the other uses… » 9/08/05 10:32am 9/08/05 10:32am