How Much Does The PT Cruiser Dream Cruiser Billet Grille Weigh?

Last year the Chrysler PT Cruiser Dream Cruiser Series 5 was unveiled on Detroit's Woodward Avenue. Now, on the day we find out it's not-yet-dead, we finally answer the only question we had: How much does that billet grille weigh? » 7/31/09 12:30pm 7/31/09 12:30pm

Billetproof 2007: Hot Rod Like it's 1959

Once, we were trying to think up a clever and marketable name for the sport of tying small knives to the paws of crazed squirrels and setting them loose in yuppie restaurants. We only came up with funny names (e.g., Super Amazing Squirrel Knife Fight Happy Time), but nothing that was both instantly recognizable AND… » 6/05/07 9:16am 6/05/07 9:16am