This Dallas Billboard Says Man Coexisted With Dinosaurs

Man, meet T-Rex. According to this billboard for the Petersburg, Ky. Creation Museum, the two walked together near the Rivers of Eden a mere few thousand years ago. Prepare to Believe. » 6/14/12 2:30pm 6/14/12 2:30pm

Let The Not-So-Classy GM Vintage Billboard Photoshops Begin

Chevy is selling a line of posters inspired by "golden age" billboards they posted around Detroit ahead of the 2007 Woodward Dream Cruise. They're begging to be parodied, so let the GM billboard photoshops begin! » 10/14/10 3:00pm 10/14/10 3:00pm

Don't Send Your Children To The South Bend Pubic Schools

A South Bend, Indiana public schools promotional billboard espousing the system's good attributes was accidentally misprinted. The critical "L" was left from the word "public" and thus undermined the entire thrust of the message. Photo credit Lee MacMillan [SouthBendTribune] » 9/21/10 1:00pm 9/21/10 1:00pm

3D Wonderbra Billboard A Great Horrible Idea

A British Wonderbra ad located near London's Waterloo Station on Waterloo Road will surely cause unprecedented traffic jams. The 20-foot-wide 3D advert features a buxom beauty "displaying the product" and making every male driver in sight a danger to society. » 9/17/10 5:30pm 9/17/10 5:30pm

Moscow Highway Billboard Hacked to Show Porn

In a logical conclusion to zombies, velociraptors and Brits, a giant Moscow video screen has been hacked to show hardcore porn. Click for NSFW-unless-you-work-in-Eastern-Europe video! » 1/18/10 8:30am 1/18/10 8:30am

Ten Surprisingly Graphic Street Advertisements

With fewer people reading and more people Tivoing, advertisers are turning back to the outdoor ad. Naturally, they're injecting sex, violence and butt jokes to get them noticed. Ten graphic, and often bootylicious outdoor advertisements below. NSFW. » 9/09/09 12:15pm 9/09/09 12:15pm

BMW's Massive Russian Billboard Dangles Real Cars

BMW has created an absurdly huge billboard complete with what appears to be real cars stuck on the side. Total size of the Moscow-based advertisement is said to be over 65,000 square-feet. With functioning lights on the vehicles it all feels like a strange sideways highway for some sort of new anti-gravity-generating… » 3/31/08 5:00pm 3/31/08 5:00pm