NYT: GM Sought Merger With Ford First

As if the late-breaking Friday night news of merger talks between Chrysler and GM » 10/13/08 8:30am 10/13/08 8:30am weren't astonishing enough, Bill "Pickles" Vlasic at the continued the onslaught of amazement with a follow-up story that GM had initially approached Ford before speaking to Chrysler. Apparently, GM execs approached Ford about a possible…

New York Times Takes Bill Vlasic for a Ride as New Detroit Chief

Looks like there'll be a new sheriff in town for the New York Times. The Old Grey Lady's gone and stolen Bill Vlasic, veteran of many a Detroit automotive battle, from the Detroit News to act as their new whipping boy Detroit bureau chief. If you'll remember, Vlasic penned the classic story of the famed "merger… » 12/27/07 5:01pm 12/27/07 5:01pm

Chrysler Group Sales Speculation — Taken For A Ride II: Judgement Day

Everyone knows who Bill Vlasic is right? He's the Detroit News reporter who co-wrote the definitive account of the how Chrysler and Mercedes became the stilted and fubar married couple they are today. Vlasic and co-author Bradley A. Stertz's "Taken For A Ride" starts with an attempted takeover by a certain peppermint… » 4/05/07 4:08pm 4/05/07 4:08pm