Automotive News Discovers Houston-Area Heard Dealerships Closed

Like us, the folks at Automotive News »10/01/08 12:00pm10/01/08 12:00pm have been following the since the surprise announcement last week. Unlike us, it isn't clear they've actually to get the facts on the ground, given that a story with the headline "Heard's Texas Dealerships Apparently Closed" ran today. The article does add that a woman who…


EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Fall Of Bill Heard Chevrolet, The World's Largest Chevy Dealership

The recent collapse of Bill Heard Chevrolet »9/29/08 12:00pm9/29/08 12:00pm, the largest chain of Chevy dealerships in the world, has left former customers with a slew of problems. I spent an afternoon outside the now barricaded entrance of Bill Heard Chevrolet in Ike-ravaged suburban Houston speaking with former customers left hanging in limbo for…

Bill Heard, Nations Top-Selling Chain Of Chevy Dealerships, Goes Out Of Business

Bill Heard Enterprises is closing its remaining 13 car dealerships. The country’s top selling Chevy dealer group, Heard blames "adverse economic conditions, high gasoline prices and our traditional product mix.” However, Heard has come under significant legal scrutiny in the past few years, leading us to believe that… »9/25/08 1:00pm9/25/08 1:00pm