Less Ford Truck Men: Mo Analysis On FoMoCo's Slow-Down

Those wacky boys n' girls in Ford's PR team sure no how to make certain the pictures leading the way on the press site when bad news hits are appropriate — like the one above, now offered as the lead story. But digressions aside. We listed several plants set to be idled as a function of cuts FoMoCo announced earlier.… »8/18/06 12:53pm8/18/06 12:53pm

FoMoCo Ol' Busted: Bold Moves; FoMoCo New Hotness: Driving American Innovation?

WTF? Has FoMoCo changed the name of the game yet again? In this case the name is "Bold Moves" and the game is "cohesive marketing strategy." Ford's just launched a new Bill Ford-heavy site titled "Driving American Innovation," full of new-age-cheese-muzak and a pictorial of FoMoCo's newest n' boldest innovations.… »8/17/06 6:43pm8/17/06 6:43pm

Take One Drink — The Many Moods of A Jalopnik Editor, Redux

This is starting to become a thing — we feel like from now on every time a Jalopnik Editor makes it onto national TV, you'll get a picture gallery giving you a look behind the scenes. This time things weren't so easy for our industry-loving insider. Not only was Wert looking to answer questions and sound at least… »7/21/06 2:07pm7/21/06 2:07pm

One Drink For A Second Appearance: Jalopnik Editor Makes Bold Moves "On The Money"

For those of you who may have missed our associate editor last night on CNBC's "On The Money" — just know he's very disappointed. But, we have a way for you to make it up to Wert. Here's your chance to play the first ever unofficial CNBC drinking game (patent still pending) from the comfort of your cubicle, office or… »7/21/06 12:19pm7/21/06 12:19pm

They Didn't Learn Their Lesson The First Time: Jalopnik Probably on CNBC Tonight (Again)

Well, it looks like CNBC would like to see us do the ol' pundit thing again. One of us is tentatively scheduled to be on CNBC's On The Money again to talk about FoMoCo and whether Big Boss Bill has what it takes to get the job done over at the Glass House in Dearborn. What do we think? Well — flip the boob tube on to… »7/20/06 4:36pm7/20/06 4:36pm

The Ford Earnings Call: The Way Forward Is Even Better Than The Real Thing

This morning, our defenses down from being slightly hung over, we endured Ford's quarterly earnings call in its entirety. We'd expected the call to be a numbers buffet, with CFO Don Leclair as matre'd. Then, a bombshell. We got the main men from Dearborn: Mark Fields, CWFO (Chief Way Forward Officer) and Bill Ford,… »7/20/06 4:09pm7/20/06 4:09pm

Alive! Bill Ford Emerges From Annual Shareholder Meeting With Life And Job Intact

Our guess is it must be pretty cool to be a CEO. You get a big plane, a nice office, chauffered car and stock options — musn't forget the stock options. Basically, everything you could ever want out of a P-Diddy (or whatever he's calling himself these days) music video — maybe even ho's — who knows. But there's this… »5/11/06 2:53pm5/11/06 2:53pm