I Can't Stop Watching This Weird Bike Crash

The letters HPV generally connote America's most often sexually-transmitted virus, but they can also mean something similarly unfortunate: Human-Powered Vehicles. A contest for the latter kind of HPV at Grove City College in Pennsylvania nearly ended in tragedy when this HPV from Olin College (clearly modeled after… » 5/01/12 4:30pm 5/01/12 4:30pm

Jaguar Motorcycle Eliminates Electrical Problems

Always wanted a classic Jaguar with a pre-pedestrian-safety leaper hood mascot, but never wanted to deal with constant electrical gremlins and leaky windows? Then the Jaguar motorcycle may be the vehicle for you. And don't worry; just like any pre-Tata Jag, this bike doesn't have an ounce of practicality either. Its… » 8/18/08 1:40pm 8/18/08 1:40pm

Florida Passes HB 137, Speeders Face Vehicle Confiscation, Prison Time

As of October 1st, anyone caught doing 30mph over the speed limit in Florida faces vehicle confiscation, five to ten years in prison and a ten-year license suspension. Bill HB 137, which was signed into law earlier today, was originally targeted at motorcyclists, but was amended at the last minute to include all… » 3/17/08 4:00pm 3/17/08 4:00pm

Man Given Probation for Sexing His Bike, Schwinn!

It keeps happening. This time, a british man has been given probation after a "sexually aggravated breach of the peace" that involved him attempting to, ahem, mount his bike. According to the local police the man's cleaners found him "holding the bike and moving his hips back and forth as if to simulate sex." The man… » 11/30/07 4:15pm 11/30/07 4:15pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Yamaha Sakura Concept Reveal

We're going to be honest here, the press package shots for the Yamaha Sakura didn't really get us in a huff. Something in them felt inauthentic, contrived even. I imagined a rocket designer complaining about doing a design only his grandpa would drive. In person, that's just not the case. This is a very handsome bike.… » 10/24/07 2:15pm 10/24/07 2:15pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Honda CB1100F Revealed

There are few two-wheeled death machines in the world able to exploit all of my personal weaknesses simultaneously — the Honda CB1100F revealed here at the Tokyo Auto Show, would have to be one such motorcycle. The live reveal shots in the gallery are pure sex on wheels. Those earlier press photos? They do this bike… » 10/24/07 1:45pm 10/24/07 1:45pm