Consumers Moving Towards Less Massive Rides

Rising gas prices are unsurprisingly prompting consumers to look towards more efficient motoring choices, according to J.D. Powers. The shift towards four-bangers and compact machines new and used is broad in scope, but gradual in speed. These same consumers are evidently in no great hurry to trade in their F-350… » 5/24/07 4:00pm 5/24/07 4:00pm

Annual Plastic Three-Wheeled Madness on the Twisty Bricks

Reilly "Big Windsor" Brennan, undoubtedly on a road winding somewhere nearby, would like to remind us all that the 7th Annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel race will be blasting down Lombard Street in San Francisco this weekend. The event is free and open to anyone who cares to show up, ass low to the ground, feets in… » 4/06/07 10:00pm 4/06/07 10:00pm

Hoon of the Day: Big Wheels Keep on Freestyling

Today's Hoons — most literally hoons, seeing as they're from down under — prove the fine line between stupidity and genius rests on a few, well-executed 360s (or 720s, as the case may be). Put another way, these downhill racers, whose motor skills are far more developed than those of their chosen vehicle's target… » 11/08/05 1:09pm 11/08/05 1:09pm