Pickup Trucks By The Numbers: Who Wins On Fuel, Power, Towing, Payload

There's a whole lot of dick-measuring happening right now on how half-ton trucks stack up on power, fuel economy, payload, and maximum towing capacity. Here's your guide to decoding what every US automaker's truck in this class is really putting down. » 11/22/14 2:00pm 11/22/14 2:00pm

Car And Driver Prank Awakens NASCAR To Real World

Remember CarandDriver's April Fools' prank? The one that made the magazine relevant for the first time in years? It's caused NASCAR to set down the Natty Light and consider a future without not-so-Big Three sponsorship. » 4/10/09 1:00pm 4/10/09 1:00pm

Sure, But Who Will Build Them?

As President Obama today addressed his desire for the fuel-efficient cars of the future to be built here, the following news flash shot across the bottom of the screen. Ironic? A bit, yes. [CNBC] » 1/26/09 11:15am 1/26/09 11:15am

The Ruins Of Detroit Industry: Five Former Factories

With the President mulling the use of TARP funds to help Detroit automakers weather the Carpocalypse, we thought it appropriate to show you these five Detroit industrial relics that didn't quite make it. » 12/16/08 4:30pm 12/16/08 4:30pm

White House "Looking At All Options," Toyota Stock Drops 10%, Honda…

The Carpocalypse draws nigh after Senate Republicans lanced last night's bailout. In response, the White House now says "all options are on the table" and Toyota's scared after its stock drops 10%. » 12/12/08 9:40am 12/12/08 9:40am

Auto Industry Aid Bill Fails In Senate, GM Hires Bankruptcy Advisor

The $14 billion House auto industry aid bill failed in the US Senate tonight. On a somewhat but not quite related note, GM hired bankruptcy advisors as the Carpocalypse draws ever closer. » 12/11/08 11:45pm 12/11/08 11:45pm

U.S. House Approves $14 Billion Auto Bailout Bill

The US House approved the Auto Industry Financing and Restructuring Act (aka, "Bankruptcy Lite") by a vote of 237-170. It's morning again in America. Well, at least until the Senate gets involved tomorrow. » 12/10/08 9:35pm 12/10/08 9:35pm

Map Of Every Domestic Automaker Manufacturing Site Reveals The Extent…

People say "Detroit" deserves to fail. Maybe, but as you can tell by the map below of every manufacturing facility from the domestic automakers, they'll take pretty much the entire Midwest with 'em. » 12/10/08 7:30pm 12/10/08 7:30pm

White House Loan Deal For Not-So-Big Three Is "Bankruptcy Lite"

The bailout loan's no longer just a $15 billion bridge loan for the not-so-Big Three to make it until the Obama administration, it's actually "bankruptcy lite." It's also a really good idea. » 12/10/08 12:15pm 12/10/08 12:15pm

Nevada Sen. John Ensign May Stall Auto Bailout, Thinks Casinos Deserve…

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nevada) told CNBC this morning he's not happy with the auto bailout bill. The Senator from Vegas is so unhappy he's willing to gamble on a real bankruptcy occurring while he tries to figure out how to make a pre-packaged bankruptcy occur. But don't think Ensign's making his decision on high-minded… » 12/09/08 9:30am 12/09/08 9:30am

Full Text Of The Not-So-Big Three Automaker Bailout Bill

We're not usually ones for jamming our thumbs into our own eyes. Be that as it may, we're going to start sifting through the full discussion text of the automaker not-a-bailout bill entitled: "To authorize financial assistance to eligible automobile manufacturers, and for other purposes." Sounds thrilling, doesn't it?… » 12/08/08 4:50pm 12/08/08 4:50pm

Not-So-Big Three "Bailout" Loan Agreement Could Come Today

A bailout bridge loan plan for the not-so-Big Three drawing emergency aid from an existing pool of $25 billion for green vehicle R&D and including a Cabinet-level oversight board could come as early as today. » 12/08/08 7:40am 12/08/08 7:40am

Not-So-Big Three Bake Sale Raises Enough To Fund CEO Salaries

With all this talk of corporate jets, slumming it on road trips and idling hybrids, it’s easy to lose track of the human cost of Carpocalypse Now. Has anyone thought of the standard of living adjustment the Big 3 CEOs will have to take when their salaries are cut from tens of millions to a paltry $1-per-year? One man… » 12/05/08 12:40pm 12/05/08 12:40pm

The Official Not-So-Big Three Congressional Hearing Drinking Game!

We know it's the middle of the day, but it's Friday and we ain't got shit to do other than watch this three-ring not-so-Big Three circus. Luckily, a friend sent in an idea for a drinking game. Their rules below the jump, let's make up some of our own in the comments. » 12/05/08 12:25pm 12/05/08 12:25pm

Report: GM, Chrysler Consider Bankruptcy For Federal Bailout Loan

The CEOs of the not-so-Big Three made it to DC for committee hearings beginning today at 10:00 AM. According to Bloomberg's sources, GM and Chrysler execs are considering a pre-arranged bankruptcy (which we've already said is a good thing) as a last-resort of getting a multibillion-dollar government loan. » 12/04/08 8:40am 12/04/08 8:40am

Automobile: Detroit's Ten Most Relevant Products

The crew at Automobile's come up with ten cars lawmakers and pundits should keep in mind before letting the Carpocalypse consume the not-so-Big Three — and for once, it doesn't include the Ford F-150 or Chevy Corvette. » 12/03/08 1:00pm 12/03/08 1:00pm

Congressman Urges Automaker CEOs To "Jetpool" When Heading To DC…

New York Congressman Gary Ackerman feasts upon a buffet of "delicious irony" as he asks the CEOs from the Not-So-Big Three to perhaps save some cash and fuel by using a single jet together rather than individual private jets from Detroit to D.C. to beg for bailout dollars from the Feds » 11/19/08 5:50pm 11/19/08 5:50pm. We even hear Reagan National's…

Not-So-Big Three Automakers Take Corporate Jets To Beg For Money From…

It's probably a bad thing to fly a private jet from Detroit to Washington, DC when you're going to ask Congress to provide you a multi-billion dollar loan to bail you out of a financial crisis. That fact hasn't stopped Ford's Alan Mulally, along with the heads of the other automakers, who not only flew to D.C. in the… » 11/19/08 12:00pm 11/19/08 12:00pm

GM Spam Campaign Begs Saturn Owners For Help

In attempts to tap their customer base for assistance in avoiding this Financiapocalypse » 11/18/08 4:30pm 11/18/08 4:30pm, GM has emailed an unknown number of their product owners in an effort to get them to speak out to their local congressman regarding the pending bridge loan. We've intercepted one of these emails and have it posted below the jump.…

Barack Obama Will Not Meet Rick Wagoner Without Preconditions

Barack Obama took time away from talking about his mother-in-law » 11/18/08 10:30am 11/18/08 10:30am and to talk about the automaker bailout in an interview on CBS' . While admitting Detroit needs help, he said it's important to make sure it's conditioned on the stakeholders (labor, suppliers, execs) coming up with a plan for a sustainable domestic…