Maniac Cyclists Take To The L.A. Freeway To Protest, Or Something

If you were stuck in L.A. rush hour last Friday, there's a chance you encountered the folks from Crimanimal Mass, who took to the freeway, on bicycles (and in-line skates), as part of some sort of demonstration. One of the organizers said the purpose was to raise questions of transportation infrastructure. Aren't… »5/15/08 3:20pm5/15/08 3:20pm

RFID Embedded Bicycles, Traffic Lights Saddens Scumbag Lawyers

The Danish City of Grenå is doing something about all of the bicycle accidents occurring at busy intersections. The city will be installing See-Mi. See-Mi consists of 300 RFID sensors that will be installed into residents' bicycles and special RFID-sensing traffic lights at seven busy intersections. These traffic… »12/18/07 12:45pm12/18/07 12:45pm