Between The Lines: ESPN Columnist Blows Jeff Gordon Journalistically

We try not to read ESPN columns too often because it most often ends with someone having to restrain us so before we can bash our iBook against the wall. Don't get us wrong, we love Bill Simmons and all of that, but a recent column about Jeff Gordon's identity crisis represents both the worst in writing and the worst… » 11/30/07 3:45pm 11/30/07 3:45pm

USA Today Gives 2007 Sebring a Handjob

Oh dear. While our impending Sebring review will go down in teh internets annuls as "why Loverman is unemployed," one thing is certain — the 2007 Chrysler Sebring is an abomination. One of the most visually vile cars to ever come to market. However, James Healy of the full-color-weather-maps-on-page-one rag writes,… » 12/22/06 2:45pm 12/22/06 2:45pm

Between the Lines: AutoWeek on the 2009 Cadillac CTS

I'm not a big fan of bait and switch. For example, Automobile's June cover features the Bugatti Veyron's bodacious butt with the tease "Coast to Coast in the USA." In fact, Editor-in-Chief Jean Jennings drove the Bug from one side of Florida to the other. AutoWeek's editors may not practice this kind of morally… » 5/15/06 4:00pm 5/15/06 4:00pm

Between the Lines: Motor Trend on the Cadillac BLS

Despite the warm hotness that is the CTS-V, the words "Cadillac" and "small" go together like "male porn star" and "small." Cadillac obviously forgot to learn that lesson back in '81, when they released the "Cimarron by Cadillac". The badge-engineered Chevrolet Cavalier — complete with in-line four and four-speed… » 5/08/06 5:29pm 5/08/06 5:29pm

Between the Lines: Car & Driver on the Impala SS

GM must really be in trouble. When Car & Driver feels free to give the new Impala SS a black eye, the balance of power has shifted away from The General and towards... the reader? Nah, couldn't be. Maybe America's favorite automotive buff book simply got to the point where they couldn't gloss over one more crap car… » 5/01/06 3:25pm 5/01/06 3:25pm

Between The Lines: Jean Jennings Incurs The Wrath of Jalopnik

When Reverend Dave Thomas gets peeved about something, you know it's worthy of a fire and brimstone bombardment. Jalopnik's temporary editor is an even-tempered, temperate man whose editorial dagger remains firmly sheathed— until the Lord whispers the S-word (smite) into his ear. Well, in this case, Reverend Dave… » 4/24/06 12:55pm 4/24/06 12:55pm

Between the Lines: The Car Connection on the Cadillac Escalade

As country singer and professional Burt Reynolds pal Jerry Reed sang, when you're hot, you're hot; when you're not, you're not. Of course, back when The Guitar Man recorded his career-topping paean to the joys and sorrows of shooting craps, the second gen Chevrolet Camaro was minting money for The General and Burt's… » 4/17/06 1:24pm 4/17/06 1:24pm

Between the Lines: Rick Wagoner Takes on the Critics

Rabid Rick Wagoner, GM's beleaguered CEO, recently responded to increasing calls for his resignation by asking The General's Board of Bystanders for a vote of confidence. While it would be uncharitable to suggest that the Board's thumbs-up is an example of the blind leading the deaf, you gotta give Ricky credit for… » 4/10/06 12:13pm 4/10/06 12:13pm

Between the Lines: Automobile on the Future of Cars

The future is a terrible investment. Consider Tommorow- land. Disney s ode to the joys of scientific progress has been causing the Mouse conniptions ever since it opened in 1967. And no wonder. Unlike the past, the future is always changing. One minute everyone s flying around with nuclear-powered backpacks popping… » 3/14/06 1:04pm 3/14/06 1:04pm

Between the Lines: AutoWeek on Norway's Car Taxes

Our little corner of the infosphere is not immune from political considerations. We re often ground zero for petro-political debates about the connection between American foreign policy and the way the needle in your big-ass SUV's gas gauge swings to E like a Big Band bee-bopper. We re also the subject of discussions… » 3/06/06 10:12am 3/06/06 10:12am

Between the Lines: Gary Witzenburg on the Cost Disparity Between Domestic and Asian Automakers

As bankrupt and bankrupting suppliers begin to supply General Motors with potentially lethal trouble, the debate over free trade is quickly heating-up. Despite the issue s enormous complexity, or perhaps because of it, auto writers are beginning to analyze the effect of international trade relations on American… » 3/03/06 12:21pm 3/03/06 12:21pm

Between the Lines: Daniel Howes on Presidental Help

Daniel Howes writing for The Detroit News sets the gold standard for automotive journalism. His news pieces are comprehensive, insightful, balanced and eloquent. Lately, Howes has eased-off the hard news and ramped-up his commentary. Specifically, he s written a series of columns analyzing Motown s woes, from GM s… » 2/21/06 8:06am 2/21/06 8:06am

Between the Lines: The Winding Road on Private Jets

I don t get it. Why publish a car magazine on-line that looks exactly like a buff book? Readers downloading a PDF of The Winding Road onto a normal-sized screen have to do more scrolling than a Babylonian library clerk, without any of the web's inherent advantages (embedded links, readable font, word search, easy… » 2/15/06 12:27pm 2/15/06 12:27pm

Between the Lines: Automobile on the Cadillac XLR-V

You may not believe this, but my mother always told me to be polite. I just never saw the point. Honest, yes, absolutely. But polite is so boring. Being snide, flip and nasty is so much more entertaining. (Why should drag queens have all the fun?) I guess that s the biggest problem with US automotive buff books: they… » 2/09/06 2:00pm 2/09/06 2:00pm

Between the Lines: The Car Connection on the Jaguar XK

It s nice to know that automotive websites are finally welcome to suck on the corporate tit alongside their buff book brethren. For The Car Connection s recent review of the new Jaguar XK, scribe Marty Padgett joined the glossies go-getters in South Africa for a romantic interlude with the Ford s division s latest… » 2/06/06 12:18pm 2/06/06 12:18pm

Between the Lines: The UK Observer's Paul Harris on The Decline of The US Auto Industry

A decade or so ago, a left-leaning English newspaper writer could insinuate himself into the heart of America s liberal elite, send anti-American diatribes back to his champagne socialist admirers, and nobody on this side of the pond would be any wiser (so to speak). In these days of the Internet (and CSI), a hack… » 1/30/06 11:30am 1/30/06 11:30am

Between the Lines: The UAW Responds to Ford's Way Forward Plan

After all the build-up, Ford s Black Monday had a distinctly grayish tinge to it. The Blue Oval Boys bad news bash was pretty much what everyone expected: 30k factory jobs, 4k managerial position and 14 factories scythed from Henry s North American operations. The fine print was, of course, exceedingly fine. To wit:… » 1/24/06 9:05am 1/24/06 9:05am