Automobile Mag's Top List Of Road Trip Vehicles Gives Sprinter The Nod, Finds Way Into Our Hearts

Oh, boy: Another hot summer day, another list of top vehicles for a road trip. Whereas Kelley Blue Book's top road trip cars list — the last such list we had to endure — was one of the more strange groupings we've seen, today's list from Automobile is absolutely sexy. What, you don't think the Sprinter's sexy? You… »6/10/08 12:30pm6/10/08 12:30pm


Question Of The Day: What's The Best Road Trip Vehicle?

Earlier today we shared with you a list of what someone else thought the 10 Best New Road Trip Cars were. Though we like the listmaker's spunk in naming the Veyron, we disagree with the notion that only new cars are best for road trips (and with the idea of crossing the country in an Eos). It does bring up the… »5/20/08 11:40am5/20/08 11:40am