The $240,000 Bugatti über desk

A new Bugatti Veyron costs around $1.6 million, depending on how you outfit it. A 1936 57SC Bugatti Atlantic fetched $30 million at auction. This Bugatti-inspired desk, then, may seem like a value at just $240,000. But it isn't. » 5/19/11 3:00pm 5/19/11 3:00pm

Fioravanti Coachbuilt Ferrari F430 Spotted Lapping Fiorano

The coach builders at Fioravanti have been caught testing a restyled Ferrari F430 this weekend at Fiorano.That would explain the lack of any camouflage, as the creation is likely a one-off built for rich customer as part of Ferrari's recently publicized effort to offer "whatever the hell you want" bespoke cars to… » 8/04/08 6:45am 8/04/08 6:45am

Lightning GT Strikes The UK In CGI Glory

The Lightning Car Company has stunned us with their release of the UK's first electric sportscar, the Lightning GT. Top speed is promised to be over 130 MPH, which isn't all that impressive, but Lightning is claiming the electric powertrain will deliver 700+ HP from its wheel-mounted electric motors charged by your… » 3/06/08 5:15pm 3/06/08 5:15pm

Interior Design Mag Creates Ferrari Scaglietti Show Car

UK style council members caught unaware Ferrari's in-house coachworks can personalize a Ferrari Scaglietti to order, get out your Alexander McQueen pad and pencil sets. Ferrari's teamed with Walpaper* magazine on a show car to highlight the company's bespoke options. The driveway model's been finished in a "stunning… » 7/10/06 9:26am 7/10/06 9:26am

Henrik's Fiskars Now Avalabile to Snip UK-Spec BMWs, Mercs

The Fisker Tramanto and Latigo, the Mercedes SL and BMW 6-based bespoke coupes designed by the former Aston Martin guy are now available in the UK. Fisker claims that they'll only build 150 of each model for the world market, leaving the well-heeled Brits in a hurry to have the latest and dubiously greatest in some… » 6/19/06 10:00pm 6/19/06 10:00pm

Bespoke Fisker Latigo Coupe Gets Close-up on

With all the talk about Crunk-style Donks and Bubbles and Bezerkers (ok, scratch that last one), those neon-painted bargain hoopties with the 40" rims and skyward lifts, it's good to know the music business still appreciates high-margin luxury goods. Take, for example, the bespoke Latigo CS, a rebodied BMW 6-Series… » 5/24/06 12:08pm 5/24/06 12:08pm

Tailfin Magic: The Antas V8

Our beaux fr res over at Le Blog Auto offer up this distinctive machine built by Italian restoration house Faralli & Mazzanti. It's the Antas V8, a design study that shows what might happen if a team of designers from Panoz and Morgan stared too deeply at a Tatra T87 after inhailing an eighth of 150-proof grappa. The… » 4/19/06 12:39pm 4/19/06 12:39pm

Zagato's Commemorative Ferrari 575 Revealed

The first shot of Zagato's commemorative Ferrari 575 GTZ, a bespoke homage to Zagato Ferraris of the '50's and '60s, was released this week. The rebodied 575, which will be unveiled at the Villa D'Este Concours D'Elegance in Italy next week, is pictured with Yushiyuki Hayashi — the collector who commissioned the… » 4/14/06 8:20am 4/14/06 8:20am

Another Coachbuilt Ferrari: The 575 GTZ

It's shaping up to be an intercontinental grudge match between two Ferrari collectors for the swankiest one-of-a-kind Ferrari. First James Glickenhaus, an American, commissioned Pininfarina to build him a futuristic homage to the P4, the 612 P4/5. Now, Yoshiyuki Hayashi of Japan has commissioned Zagato to fashion a… » 4/04/06 7:19pm 4/04/06 7:19pm

Mini Pickup: The Castagna Tender

Well-heeled Mini lovers in warm climes who require space enough to haul burlap sacks of coconuts (or whatever) finally have a car that meets their rather unique need-set. Milanese coachbuilder Castagna (remember this?) is offering the Mini Tender, based on a Cooper cabrio that's been lengthened by more than 27… » 3/11/06 3:40pm 3/11/06 3:40pm

Kleeman's Tuning of the Fisker Tramonto

Henrik Fisker's choice of his Danish compatriots at Kleeman to provide the tuner powerplant for his $200,000 Tramonto roadster may have been driven by pride of country, but the outcome is the automotive equivalent of Scandinavian death metal. Fast, nasty, and somehow locked to the beat despite all the menace. The… » 9/23/05 9:23am 9/23/05 9:23am

Frankfurt Premiere: Fisker Coachbuild's Bespoke Players

A-list car designer Henrik Fisker took the covers off his two new low-volume luxury cars, the Tramonto roadster and Latigo coupe today in Frankfurt. Fisker's plan is to restore bespoke coach-building (undone by the Great Depression and WWII) to the marketplace, but instead of one-offs, the company plans to build 150… » 9/13/05 10:57am 9/13/05 10:57am

Fisker Coachworks Revives Bespoke Body Building

Crazy! We were just preparing a post on an article in The Car Connection profiling Henrik Fisker's new, bespoke carbuilding project, Fisker Coachworks. (The ex—Aston Martin designer announced the company will introduce its new Tramonto roadster in Frankfurt this year.) TCC's piece examined how Fisker takes Mercedes… » 8/29/05 5:00pm 8/29/05 5:00pm

Former Aston Martin Designer to Launch First Supercar in Frankfurt

Former Aston Martin designer Henrik Fisker, who left the company to start his own bespoke automaker, will launch his first Fisker Coachbuild models in Frankfurt later this year. The company released a sketch and details on one model, a roadster, which will reportedly have 610hp and do the zero-to-60 shuffle in 3.6… » 7/29/05 12:50pm 7/29/05 12:50pm